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Why you should have more than 3 meals? 

So we all know the 3 meal breakfast, lunch and dinner but inbetween meals we you get hungry right? But instead of having a healthy meal people tend to reach for crisps, chocolate, cakes and other sugary high carb things. 113 more words


Crossfit Workouts – How They Can Be Better Than the Typical Gym Workouts

Every single day a new Crossfit workout emerges. Whether they are newly designed workouts by authorized site or created by gyms and trainers, or just created on the spot by passionate athletes who have better understanding how to program their entire body. 352 more words

CrossFit Training.

CG's Squat Every Day. Day 18: Paused Front Squats

Today’s #SquatEveryDay was a repeat of Day 5. Again i used a different gym to where i normally work out in and this time i actually hit the session at the gym that i work in. 191 more words


But I don't want to get BULKY!!

It doesn’t matter how many times I say to women “If you want real results, lift heavy weight and lift it often” I still get the same response “But I don’t want to get bulky and look manly”. 665 more words


Die richtige Kleidung für das Krafttraining

Damit du bei deinem wöchentliches Fitness – und Krafttraining oder auch Crossfit Training eine besonders gute Figur machst, ist ein passendes Outfit unerlässlich. Die Kleidung sollte funktional sein und nicht einfach nur gut aussehen. 305 more words

Crossfit Workouts

Average workouts

Blogging twice in a month? I know!

My workout this morning {15 Elliptical, 20 min of hills on the treadmill} was so very average, and while it left me feel good that I had done it  – I never got the OMG-I-need-to-come-here-everyday feels. 217 more words

Daily Ramble

The scales are stuck again...

Lost zero pounds this week. 0. Nothing. Nada.

Seriously bummed out as I only have 1.5lbs to go before I reach my next milestone and treat myself to new workout gear. 457 more words