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So Today was just a bad day overall!!
It started off with me waking up a little later than expected and to top it off the mild pain in my lower back didnt help out one bit! 352 more words


my fitness journey

My other hobby, outside of letter writing, is lifting weights. I mean, I guess you could call it a hobby. It’s almost more of a “thing I do”, not something I’m passionate about. 392 more words


Sweetly Goodness

Lots of thought and preparation has gone into what I would like my new routine to be like to achieve my goal and look amazing in a bikini. 511 more words


Why You Aren't Getting Faster

It can be frustrating to put in hours upon hours of hard work to achieve a goal and barely get any closer than you were before. 379 more words


Good Trainers Versus Bad Trainers

If one has been around a fitness center long enough, they have probably seen trainers training their clients. What they observe may just make or break the trainer. 1,261 more words