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Posture & Muscle Imbalance

A helytelen testtartás miatt a mellizmok, a comb hajlító izmai,a farizmok és a hasizmok megrövidülésre hajlamosak. Az ellentétes működésű izmok megnyúlhatnak, a felületes és mély hátizmok, a comb feszítő izmai, és a csípőhorpasz izom. 1,627 more words

The SuperGuide to Dairy Products (Steve Carper)

Regular milk

From our point of view, milk is pretty much milk, no matter whether it is whole, low-fat, or skim (aka nonfat). All of it contains approximately 5.0% lactose. 1,505 more words

Pain-free for three days (and counting)

Monday, I went to physical therapy and felt good about my Achilles.

I breezed through a bunch of the usual tests and balancing drills, even coasting through a series of weight-bearing and weight-lifting exercises where the right foot is primarily taking on my body’s weight, plus additional weight from a leg-press machine. 179 more words

Morning workout success...

I only went and did a morning workout as planned today! As you can tell I am beyond proud of myself. I could have stayed in bed for a few hours more, or snuggled up to read my book, or watched some rubbish Saturday morning tv, but instead I decided to get myself out of bed and get to the gym. 101 more words

Half Marathon Training

I did it...

Today I signed myself up to run the Silverstone Half Marathon in March 2016. Yes I may be slightly mad, but I have roughly 9-10 months to get into shape and I have the determination to do this, even when some people are sceptical. 185 more words

Half Marathon Training

Becoming Extraordinary (BE), Day 32

Phase 2, Week 4, Day 32, Time=0:00:00, Calories burned=0

I finally got a battery for my heart-rate monitor watch.  Hubby replaced it for me.  I don’t know what he did, but he didn’t do a very good job.  155 more words


Becoming Extraordinary (BE), Day 31

Phase 2, Week 4, Day 31, Time=0:00:00, Calories burned=0

Still no heart-rate monitor, so no numbers to record.  I started at 7:33 p.m. and finished at 9:16 p.m. 242 more words