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Define Yourself

I AM____________________

Fill in the blank. Who are you? What are you?




Who are you? What defines you?

Define yourself! Make yourself known!!


You're not excused! Fitness is in session.

Your mind can play terrible tricks on you. We’ve all been there before – exercise is penciled into your schedule…then (X). Something happens, something comes up, something convinces you that today is not the day to exercise. 3,262 more words



In times of need, we can draw inspiration from the simplest things, a magnificent view, a work of art, a piece of music, or the spoken word. 607 more words


Where do I begin?

 The truth is…YOU HAVE ALREADY BEGUN! You would not be reading this if not taking the first step toward a better you! As a fitness professional, I am constantly asked, “How do I begin?” This is a great question! 455 more words

Gym Motivation

Brits Getting Fit - Inspiration for All Shapes and Sizes

Sport England, a government agency that provides support and funding to sport in England, commissioned a study that posited and discovered that, nationally, 2 million less women in the 14-40 age demographic engage in regular exercise and sports participation than the same demographic of men. 441 more words


Boutique Gyms - Why?!

Have you ever walked past a boutique? With one impeccably dressed salesperson on guard, and designer clothing that cost more than your car instalments? And when you dare to have a look inside, you feel like you don’t belong – it does not matter how courteous and genuine the salesperson is, you feel like you don’t belong because you’re wearing a frumpy (but very comfy) dress and the designer outfits curl their lips with disdain and spit on your face when you step closer to them. 381 more words