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November 28, 2008

It was a silent crying.

A crying where you knew it had to come out, but there were other people there ruining your catharsis.

I hadn’t been a friend. 158 more words




That’s what we are.

Give us all your pain, your anger, and your sadness.

We’d gladly take them as our own, absorbing them.

Sure, we could use them. 96 more words


You Left Your Necklace

Your body had lain there just moments ago, our hands clasped, the TV going.

I saw you as my eyes blinked, drifting in and out of sleep. 207 more words


It's Physically Impossible

Love is rare. It is a resource more highly coveted than oil, more scarce than diamonds, and more treasured than gold.

I can’t say I’ve ever really found it. 172 more words



Bring me back home.

Take me back to the sprawling fields, the hills that stretch to the coast.

Take me to the place that knows no war, no anger, and no hatred. 52 more words


No Title Can Express My Hate

I’ve never understood the true nature of emotions. I know that I have them; I know that sometimes I wish I didn’t.

When I look at you, someone I used to feel so strongly for, I wonder how I could hate you. 208 more words



What does it mean To be different from all of them?

Do I have to be this way?

I am a man of many faces. I am a man that has no personality. 106 more words