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I really can't think of a title, sorry

Now that I got all those vacation pictures out of the way.  I can post some more current pictures of the kids. Katie is now into everything, I know I keep saying that, but she is totally into everything.  693 more words



At Toby’s …

And at Secret Times.

SL Diary

“Hey James Bond!” Evidence that Gwen shouldn’t drive

So many lines from Clueless went through my mind while I watched Gwen drive.

Josh: Hey James Bond! In America we drive on the other side of the road. 133 more words


Boone part 2

While in Boone, we decided to go to Mystery Hill and Tweetsie Railroad.  If you’ve never been to Tweetsie Railroad, it certainly is a lot of fun for the kids.  503 more words


"Friend Date"

“Morning and afternoon sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and every other Friday.” Colin informed the woman who enquired about his class schedule. She thanked him and proceeded to praise him on being the first swim instructor to get her little Quinn into the water for more than five minutes. 500 more words

Gen Y

Eoin's Intervention

“Guys I’m home”
The apartment was silent as Eoin stepped inside. It had been a pretty long day of classes, especially after spending the night on night rotation for her large domestic animal supportive care course. 469 more words

Gen Y

Open Mic Night

Behind the stage was cool. There were fans blowing to keep the air moving. It smelled of years of spilled beer, stale cigarettes and sweat. The walls needed repainting and there were electrical cords strewn haphazardly around the floor. 822 more words