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Core Values

When you decide to step away from your normal life and day to day routine in order to pursue a life of freedom and adventure on the other side of the world, naturally, you are sometimes going to encounter times of doubt. 369 more words


5 Days in Ireland!

After leaving the Seychelles and arriving here in Ireland we had 5 days to do as much as we could before our return home, and we stayed busy! 139 more words

Our 8th and Final Week in the Seychelles

Our final week has come and gone and it’s crazy to think 8 weeks ago we were just starting our journey and now we’re getting ready to leave! 353 more words

Seychelles Week 7!

Seven weeks already? It’s hard to believe that there is only a week left for us in the Seychelles when it seems like we just arrived. 298 more words

6 Weeks of Living in the Seychelles

Though saying we’ve been living here for 6 weeks already sounds crazy, it has all gone by so fast. From our first step on our Island, Curieuse, to now, it seems as if that was only a short while ago. 250 more words

Volunteering in South Africa

I don’t think anyone is ever fully prepared for volunteering. No matter what kind of work. You’re always only sort of prepared. Sort of being you’ve read about it thousands of times and you’ve heard other people’s amazing stories and experiences, but in the end I guess you never know 100% what to expect. 640 more words


Week 5 Already?

After another busy week on Curieuse full of surveys and hard work we finally have some time to update everybody on our journey!
This week a new group of volunteers joined us and it’s been a great time getting to know new people from all over the world! 233 more words