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A Piece of my Diary

By Daniella Djiogan

As someone who has had lots of guy friends while growing up, I have always wondered about this specific question, can guys and girls truly be just friends-without having any further feelings other than friendship? 341 more words


Conversations with strangers #1

I could see his glassy eyes from across the table between us. They gleamed, like he had just cried. 179 more words


Another Woman, Another Dream

Lately I’ve been having dreams of you cheating on me. The women are beautiful.

It’s probably just gut feels heavily tainted with paranoia.

It’s only a dream, I think.


Creepy Looks

Steps to look creepy:

1. Tilt head slightly downwards

2. Raise one eyebrow.

3. Mingle your fingers.

4. Get behind any object while doing all above.


On a mission to ruin good memories

I know this guy sense the sixth grade. He is the son of my at the time art teacher, and whenever he’d come to work with her, we’d hang out and run around the school doing shananigans. 281 more words