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I feel like I need to broaden this blog a little and do more of my ‘lets talk’ posts. Beauty is obviously my main feature always on this blog but sometimes I feel like this blog could do with a few chatty posts because personally, I read beauty blogs and it’s very rare I find one which doesn’t feature at least some sort of chatty personal post. 945 more words


The Untold Story -- Triggered by Memorial Day

Memorial Day — remembering….

Sometimes, it’s just too much.  I am expected to keep on working, hiking, writing poems and blogs, taking pictures, that this should be antidote enough. 1,101 more words


Self Knowledge 109 – “Oneself One Self” Satsang part 4

[from Master Nome]

You pass through Waking, Dreaming, & Deep Dreamless Sleep states. Your Mind passes from Waking to Dreaming states, &, suddenly, all the Dreaming events are given the stamp of Reality, while the Waking state is regarded as though it had never happened. 668 more words


On Being Stuck – Or Am I?

It seems to me that my writing has stalled and so has my life. The parallel is fascinating because it implies that for me one has to move in order for the other to also move. 447 more words

Strange and Fun Facts about London

Afternoon all,

Heres a small blog post on some Strange and Fun Facts about London;

Hope you enjoy,

  • The tallest Ferris wheel in Europe is the London Eye with a height of 135metres.
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Self Knowledge 108 – “Oneself One Self” Satsang part 3

[from Master Nome]

Detachment from thoughts naturally arises when you are treating the thoughts as thoughts & not yourself. When you do so, you no longer feel as though you are in that mode. 1,161 more words


Self Knowledge 107 – “Oneself One Self” Satsang part 2 (a day late)

[from Master Nome]

Look in this way, & there are no others. Look in this way, & there is no separation between yourself & the true Self you are attempting to realize. 664 more words