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Mysore Musings: Lessons from the Mat with Ajay Kumar Part IV | The Teacher

“You have to follow one teacher, this is the only way knowledge is coming” – Ajay Kumar

In last night’s conference, my teacher discussed the important subject of the Guru and role they play in our yoga abhyasa (yoga practice). 779 more words


400 men cut their testicles off believing it would help them meet God

NEW DELHI, Feb 27, 2015: An Indian spiritual guru-turned- movie-star allegedly convinced up to 400 men to castrate themselves because it would bring them closer to God. 138 more words


Self Knowledge 74 – (response to Satsang question about "All is One") & a “Self-Realization” Satsang

When aspiring , we choose to be one with the Perfect One.   In Reality, such is always the case. On the level of deeds, actions, & how you conduct your life, you have a choice. 472 more words


Dilema Guru Honor

Ini ialah kisah yang kami dapatkan dari curaian kawan kami, perihal kisah salah seorang kawannya sesama mengajar di sekolah tempat ia mengajar sekarang. Kawannya tersebut ialah seorang guru honor, usianya setahun di bawah kami namun menurut cerita kawan kami wajahnya lebih tua dari usianya “Mungkin karena beratnya tantangan hidup yang dialami oleh kakak itu engku..” ujar kawan kami. 924 more words


Golden Temple, Amritsar-1

The devotees’ love for the temple and volunteers’ enthusiasm is amazing. Everything is so peaceful. The praises of God are sung by great Raagis and broadcast over a sophisticated speaker system. 25 more words


New Forum Guru Program Debuts

The new SFI Forum has been a tremendous success.  Participation is at an all-time high and its value as a resource for finding and sharing information has never been better.  339 more words

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Staying positive!

I know staying positive isnt as easy for everyone. With me I will find a good thing in every single bad situation! Thats just my character, get it after my mother! 337 more words