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New: Black Springs - Time To Go 7"

Oi, what are you up to tomorrow, you bloody drongo? Nothing? Well, you’d have to be a dickhead on par with the guy that didn’t  134 more words

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 Artwork by @mystupidsketchbook

WHO are they?
As Elephants Are are Ben Stratford (vocals, guitar), Harry Roche (bass), Joe Miller (guitar), Robert Waters (drums) and Sam Winfield (keyboards). 462 more words

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Album Review: Courtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Other times I Just Sit

“Any of you guys hear of this Courtney Barnett character? Apparently, she’s a big deal? Or something. I dunno, I’ve been living under a granite object (aka “a rock”), for the past few years. 754 more words


"Our Names" by Shunkan

Here’s a beaut 1 minute and 59 second blast of fuzzed-out melodic power-pop from Invercargill band Shunkan. “Our Names” is the first airing for a song from an upcoming album recorded with a full band. 159 more words

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Esordi mediterranei

Sempre per la rubrica “Italiani? Brava gente”.

Tre singoli tratti dal primo album degli italianissimi C’Mon Tigre.



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This is it

Se non mi lasciassi prendere sempre dai facili entusiasmi direi che quest’album è un fottuto capolavoro gran bell’album! [*]

Some Say I So I Say Light, l’album di Ghostpoet del 2011, è quasi meglio.

Guitar Pop

Album Review: Dick Diver - Melbourne, Florida

It took me a while to get around to listening Dick Diver, a lot longer than I should’ve waited. I waited longer to listen to Dick Diver than Axl Rose takes to braid his hair. 657 more words