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A White Piggie had Babies

I can’t tell these durned white adults apart! I brought this Piggie in last week, and Sunday morning, she gave birth to two white babies. This puts my white baby count at like, six! 13 more words


Cassius had Babies

There were three births over the weekend in my nursery. Cassius gave birth while I was in West Virginia at a dog show. She had four babies Saturday, but lost all but one, and I have a feeling the last one will die as well. 70 more words


National pet month, 1st April to the 4th May

This Wednesday is the start of national pets month.  Over the years we have had many pets in my family. From Tortoises to Gecko lizards, dogs, cats, all types of birds, a swearing African Gray Parrot who thought he was a dog, rabbits, and guinea pigs.  488 more words

Library Jedi


Ever been busy thinking only to be interrupted right in the middle of it?

This little cutie has, that’s how she responded:


Boldly going where I have never been before.

I sit, staring at Write Space, hands above the keyboard ready to unleash whatever pops into my head. But instead, this happens: …

Then the mind wonders: ‘maybe I need another coffee’ (My third today, and it’s only 11am.) 346 more words