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Paradise Piggies: Baby Blunder and Condo Cock-up!

It’s not all paradise for the piggies at Paradise Pastures presently.  Mayor Gnome has found himself in the piggie line-of-fire as a rogue guinea-pig mother gave birth to babies outside of the maternity suite in the late hours of Monday night.   193 more words


Princess Piggy Poo summer blockbuster

Dinosaurs are back in Jurassic World; Ahhnold is back in Terminator Genesis but where are the guinea pig movies? Princess Piggy Poo wasn’t born yet, but there was a guinea pig movie in 2009 called… 159 more words

Princess Piggy Poo

Project 365: Week 26

Welcome to another week of my 365 project!  A few weeks ago, I adopted two Guinea Pig boys from SA Guinea Pig Rescue & Rehome… 456 more words

365 Project 2015


Today I went on a mad cleaning bender.. It all started with the guinea pig hutch and it morphed out of control from there.  It has occured to me over the years that I am a bit of a slob – seriously though there are much more interesting things to do than clean your house, right? 194 more words


Babies for Pebbles

On June 26, Pebbles had two babies. They were healthy and happy.


Personal Post Time: Saying bye bye to two furry friends.

This is Tony

This is Rhodie

Two guinea pigs I’ve had since they were born are getting re-homed today.  We have 4 piggies in total, two girls, and two boys (the two pictured above)  in different cages.   279 more words