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Mommy Secrets

There are some secrets that many of us mommies are just too ashamed to share. We have all experienced the guilt that comes along with some of these secrets. 680 more words


Take Me to Church, I'll Worship like a Model at the Shrine of the Times...

I wasn’t sure about posting this one – mostly because despite my faith being strong, my feelings about religion confuse me too much for me to really write about them, but Stevie convinced me with a classic “Why not?” So here goes: 262 more words

Free Verse

"Jehovah’s Witness"

“Jehovah’s Witness”
“New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures (2013 Revision)
Examine the features of the New World Translation, a Bible that is accurate and easy to read.” ~ … 383 more words

Timeless Issues!

Ten Things: Moms Should Never Apologize For

If you got Amazon and search for a book on motherhood and guilt, you will 415 options. If you Google ‘motherhood and apologies’, you get over 301,000 results. 704 more words

Ten Things


What are you doing for yourself? What is on your schedule right this very minute? What do you have planned and in place this week to take care of yourself? 979 more words

The Treasures of Spring

by: Rebecca Taylor

I was born in the Four Seasons Antique Shop to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Seasons on a bright sunny day in early June. 1,782 more words

Young Adult Fiction