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The abstract has much more depth than the concrete. Yet the only reason that we covet the concrete is because we can see it.

What we see will be destroyed. 299 more words


Card of the Day: May 23 2015 - Nine of Swords

Is there something keeping you up at night? Are you stressed about the day to come or what is around the corner? Do you have a feeling that something is out of place, that something may be your fault in some way? 84 more words


I am not a Tarantula

I just added this to my chapter “Ghost” in When Fear Comes Home to Love. “Ghost” is all about the archetype of Primal Fear – and ways I have learned to defuse it, through spiritual work and work with my patients and students  since 1988. 430 more words

A Course In Miracles Blog

Quality not quanity

i’ve been so pissed off recently, and upset. This year has really been a challenge on discovering who my real friends are. I’ve been left with one. 217 more words


Emotional self-acceptance vs the expectations of others

*contains the occasional swear word, deal with it or cock off.

I know, I know, it’s been an age since I blogged. Life has been… 1,118 more words



This post is entitled guilt because that’s exactly what I feel. We have been discussing about guilt a lot in lang lit, mainly because we’re doing The Reader, which has… 463 more words

My Unbelievably Boring Life

Observations through a Cat's POV


#1 I’ve had my fair share of dc and marvel films and almost every single one of the heroes’ biggest flaw is their incapability to fend themselves from the guilt tripping of the villains.