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When your friend is going through a difficult time

When someone you really care about is going through a difficult time or has made some mistakes and feels really bad, it is not of value to your friend or yourself to keep talking about the negative things. 100 more words

How To Allow

Am I A Momster?

I’m starting this blog simply because I  remember a little girl named LeClaire who loved to write. In the second grade, for Career Day, I asked my mom to put my hair in a bun, I stuck a pencil in my ear, carried around a notebook and I went to school as a writer. 1,302 more words


The Prize (Part 8)

“Get the fuckin’ truck off the road, goddammit!” Pa shouted to Egger, looking down the road to make sure nobody saw. “Ya made enough of a racket for er’ry goddamm pig in 10 miles to come smellin’ us out.” Dusty was pissed. 561 more words


When "Ours" Becomes "Mine"

I watched Parks and Rec with my little sister last night. It was the first time I’ve watched it since our last night we spent together – ever, as it turns out. 1,099 more words

Pray for us, sinners

This story tells of a time in 1961 when everything changed for our family.

October 1961

There’s a tiny pebble beneath my knee and I open my eyes a fraction. 1,061 more words


The One? Puh-lease.

Blame your choices.

I am sick and tired of hearing this. Yes, I know, if my dad was an alcoholic, then in a party I will make a beeline to the one with a similar problem, be it gambling or drugs. 913 more words

blessing in disguise

“This, I believe, is the great Western truth: that each of us is a completely unique creature and that, if we are ever to give any gift to the world, it will have to come out of our own experience and fulfillment of our own potentialities, not someone else’s.” (Joseph Campbell) 31 more words