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Strings of a puppet

Emotional games he plays.
In control he must be.
Always getting what he wants.
Never caring the hurt caused.

Always using guilt.
A double edge sword. 93 more words



Sitting in my pain
Itching voices need release
Tears begin to flow
Frustration finds no peace

Calling out to the past
Still feeling its regret… 105 more words

Mental Health

Visualizing Feelings through Art

I’ve never considered myself to be much of an artist, but I like being creative. Most of my creations are made on a computer. I know I need to find some outlets for my emotions and something I can go to when I’m feeling tempted. 248 more words

When You Hit Rock Bottom.

Reading a blog today brought up some reminders about times past, so bloody difficult this “letting go” thing there are always subtle reminders about what was, this life before losing everything, correction before I lost everything. 598 more words


My Sister Turned 18 and My Carpal Tunnel Came Back

Yesterday my sister turned 18. She’s 18. She’s fucking 18. I can’t handle that. I mean, I’m freaking out like mad, I can only imagine how my parents feel. 934 more words


Quilt of Guilt

Guilt, that feeling of having done something terribly wrong, an agony, so hard to explain, and yet so powerfully dominating one’s mental existence, is often the essence of mental paralysis and psychic pain. 635 more words


Elaina 2/26/15 Jesus and Britney Spears


Dear Reader,

Last week while grocery shopping, I witnessed a brother and sister, probably no more than four and five years old, get into a scrap in the produce aisle. 718 more words