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Boulders on the Path - the Meaning of Emotional Blocks ("Suffering is an option")

In our healing practice which we call ‘Mind Field Repatterning’ we often come across folks who have exhausted all known means to address a chronic health, mental or bodily condition…they get so desperate they are willing to look out side the usual ‘box’ of traditional and even some kinds of alternative practice for relief. 983 more words

Nothing wrong in saying "no"

Do you often struggle to say ‘no’? How often do you get forced into doing something just because you couldn’t say no?

Most of us do things that we don’t want to because we are afraid that we might hurt the other person. 163 more words


The Unremarkable Number Ten

And with a rather unceremonious goodbye, Number Nine would exit my life. It felt like a concrete end, determined by time and circumstance. And though I was sorry to see him go, it felt nice to have a small degree of closure… if only for a short time. 1,216 more words

Not Today

There might come a day when I can look back on all the months I spent hiding, scared of you, jumping at the sound of a ringing phone, at your voice, trembling as I anticipated every update of your terrorisingly inevitable demise, and understand why you put us through so much pain; 364 more words

Writing From Previous Blog

Coping with Emetophobia Crisis

I haven’t ever written a blog post that is in the moment, meaning I’ve never sat down to write as something was happening at this instant, but I think I need too. 897 more words


Feelings are Complex Things

You told me you saw two shooting stars
But I glanced up and saw two planes
I’m staring at my legs melted into the grass… 207 more words


Death and guilt... I'm sorry mom...

I know this is normal and I know this will pass.  Guilt.  Besides nausea and a few other feelings, guilt is a feeling I HATE.  It’s been 48 hours since my mom died and I already have guilt about some things.   1,102 more words