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Can you have guilt-free casual sex whilst looking for a partner?

This is one of those BIG questions I ask myself every now and then. It shouldn’t have to be a problem as they are no commitments, no entanglements and best of all — no breakups. 809 more words

Casual Sex


  • A.M. MEALS

The biggest mistake I see with people’s diet is skipping breakfast. It is hard to believe, but not eating won’t help you lose weight. 139 more words

Cherry chip cookies

So they might not look perfect, but these cookies are a welcome treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. I made these cheeky cherry chip cookies on a rainy day when I was craving something sweet. 307 more words

Low-Cal Jello Dessert

I do not have a big sweet tooth but my husband does so when we are watching what we eat but still crave something sweet, sugar-free jello is the way to go! 22 more words


Who loves Mexican food?

FitDolls HQ LOVE IT!! But the Mexican condiments that come with those lovely tacos are always full of fat and stodgy cream! Well, we have devised two fab recipes for your Mexican meal times, which will give you plenty of taste, but without the fat! 331 more words

Sweet Treat without the guilt

I don’t know about you all but I love a sweet treat before bed! I found a recipe for something that won’t make you feel guilty. 59 more words

Guilt Free Chicken Alfredo Pasta

This dish is one of my husband’s favourites. I made the sauce out of cauliflower (no cream used, only chicken stock) and the “pasta” is zucchini. 27 more words