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Journal Entry: December 5th, 2695 BC

Time for another journal entry, again from my protagonist. This one I’m hoping will help set up a bit for the book I’ll be releasing later this year. 346 more words


Junk food for thought

This week’s episode of “No Shit, Sherlock” is brought to you by the consumer group Which?, whose analysis of the worthy-looking sandwiches and pasta salads we buy for our lunch indicates that they can can be as unhealthy as so-called junk food. 875 more words

No Recipe Stuff

Let's Play: Destiny Nightfall Strike #10 The Devils Lair (14/04/15)

House of Wolves has been announced and there is a lot of speculation to be had. Little Pesh, InanaePanda and Spyro have a lot to talk about, and not much time to do it. Damn this easy Nightfall


Let's Play

Meanwhile, at The Guardian: "Whiting Up"



“it does alarm me that so many people, particularly ethnic minorities, have no intention of participating in this year’s general election and haven’t even registered to vote.”

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Guardian: Amnesty warns human rights abuses ‘unabated’ before Bahrain Grand Prix

Owen Gibson, The Guardian

A major report from Amnesty International released to coincide with this weekend’s Formula One grand prix has warned that human rights abuses in Bahrain continue “unabated” despite repeated assurances from the authorities that the situation is improving. 107 more words

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Vanbot – "Perfect Storm" (album) 15th May

“Why are Swedish female pop stars always so brilliant?…”  – The Guardian

“Thrilling” – NYLON Magazine

“Massive,  pumped full of space-age electronica & soaring synthesizers…” –  324 more words