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GSA Assembly

Assembly is the London degree show of Glasgow School of Art’s Communication Design which encompasses Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography.

The show runs from 27 — 29 June at Blackall Studios in Shoreditch – More info



Love is love. And now you can be who you are. Your love is something that is worth fighting for. The battle might not be over, but love had a big victory yesterday. 9 more words


Feds Prevail on Right to Take McKay

McKay Avenue, the street leading to Crab Cove, used to house a roller coaster before it became a street. It is living up to its legacy. 711 more words



GLSEN is one of the best resources for LGBTQ teens!

Here are some of the resources that GLSEN provides: Transgender ResourcesGay Straight Alliance (GSA) resources… 168 more words


An Assessment of Coastal Local Government Marine Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Capability

Submitted by: Georgia Strait Alliance

The evidence:

Through interviews with emergency managers and a comparison with similar jurisdictions in the US, the report reveals that many BC coastal local governments are not prepared to manage the consequences of a marine spill affecting their community, in large part because senior oil spill response partners are failing to provide the resources, information and engagement needed for local governments to effectively play their part in preparing for and responding to a spill.


Will You Be More Shocked or Excited?

When the total dollars obligated by agencies to the GSA Schedule end up being less than the dollars agencies spend when they use the Simplified Acquisition Procedures… 337 more words

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