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Does That Ever Actually Work For You?

There is an appropriate and an inappropriate way to approach a female.

Here are some examples of appropriate comments to make:

Banning Farm Animals from the Cities Started the Dogs vs Cats Wars

Many young people may believe that dogs vs cats has been going on for centuries. It may feel natural to have these kinds of debates. But, we have to take a step back from our existence in this moment in time and realize we live a lot differently from people 100 years ago. 350 more words

ABC Invites Amy Schumer To Be The Next Bachelorette, Tilda Swinton Eyes Marvel's 'Doctor Strange,' And More

Summer might be just around the corner, but it’s never too early to start anticipating exciting fall entertainment. Kick things off with an inside look at… 227 more words


THIS JUST IN: Worst Comic Book Ever

UPDATED 3:29pm PT: Look for “The Misadventures Of Grumpy Cat (And Pokey) this fall. The three-issue miniseries will also be compiled into hardcover graphic novel form… 29 more words

Leonard and his friends watching Wallace & Gromit on the TV 5: Wallace & Gromit Mania!

Leonard the Cat is watching some extra more Wallace & Gromit on the TV.

Leonard loves Wallace & Gromit. 130 more words

Leonard The Cat

Grumpy Monday 

Happy Monday Fellow felines & furiends! ☕ The human is off today so she thinks she’s going to sleep in… But I’m about to go wake her up with a bite on her nose – MWAHAHAHA!😹 … 31 more words


Learning PHP

The main part of this assignment was learning what the different code did. Understanding the different methods of bringing data from a table and presenting it properly on thew website was the main thing that I learnt. 181 more words