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Things You Say to Children But Really Wish You Could Say To Adults

As we get older, the more we realize adults are just larger versions of children. The whole idea of being a ‘grown up’ becomes rather vague and hard to define when you reach the age where it was supposed to have happened. 246 more words


To The Girl I First Acquainted Myself With

I don’t remember you much. I don’t think about you much, especially since I crossed the bridge of puberty. Crossing the bridge saved me in so many ways. 490 more words


It's fine. No it's not. Yes it is, shut up.

When everything in my life seems to be slightly better, I go and unconsciously fuck everything up. It’s like I can’t be ok with the idea of being ok, I am not equipped to handle being ok. 73 more words


Growing up

This morning, I was looking after the sweetest three year old twin girls you’ll ever meet! I love kids so much, especially what things they say. 1,265 more words


Adulting. As much as I would like to say I coined the word and that I am a clever youth that has verbed (see what I did there) a noun, this is actually the title of a book I purchased about a year ago by… 790 more words

20 Somethings

Daily Post 0057: That Moment When Your Car Is Missing...

This morning has been fantastic. And by fantastic I mean bat-shit insane.

Today isn’t so much of a life defining moment, as much as it’s a ‘life lesson’ sort of day. 1,487 more words

Daily Post

A Grown Up Thought

Sometimes, when I really sit down and look at my life…

…I wonder how I got to Facebook, it’s not even my homepage.

Grown Up