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Becoming an "adult"

I’m so grown-up

I can remember when I turned 18 and I felt so grown-up. Now I’m 23 and when I look back what I think now is: “I was totally NOT an “adult”!” 551 more words


You are not a grown up!

Remember when we were little? Our parents gave us a weekly allowance if we did our chores and homework. We put on our uniforms and went to school to sit on a chair and do something we did not enjoy for 8 hours a day. 795 more words


The mosquito bite epiphany

Mosquitos are attacking Buenos Aires. I woke up with my face full of red dots, since that was the only part of me outside of many layers of blankets. 123 more words


Is adulthood over yet?

Being a grown up sucks sometimes…

On my house hunt I found a very nice house. As part of my due diligence, I got a building and pest inspection. 449 more words

Adult Me vs. Little Girl Me

This morning my friend Alyssa and I were talking about our lives where they are right now. Some seriously deep conversation was taking place (we talk like that). 483 more words

Life Ramblings

Imagine Me...!!!

Imagine a tiny looking grown up, with messy hair and a lost look on her face, standing with a sign board that reads – Need a Hug


So the Charlie Bit My Finger brothers are all grown up now...

Today is a sad day. We’ve realised the Charlie Bit My Finger brothers have grown up and we’re feeling seriously old.

Charlie Bit My Finger was filmed and uploaded to YouTube by the boys’ dad a staggering EIGHT years ago and has clocked up more than 800 MILLION views since then. 142 more words


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