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Getting Accustomed To New Surroundings

Being new in town can be quite frightening. Knowing that you cannot confide in anyone besides your significant other is frustrating, but you must work with what you have. 364 more words


almost 40.

When I was a kid I couldn’t imagine being older than 18. Now almost 40, I can’t imagine what I thought about back then. Saving money for retirement or being kind to my body was not at the top of any list. 53 more words

Presenting 101

In the organization I work for, employees have the opportunity to apply for “acting assignments”.  An acting assignment is when a regular position in the organization becomes vacant, instead of instantly recruiting to fill the position, they open up the job as a temporary assignment to current employees. 833 more words


It's all a little overwhelming and I am busiest lazy Woman you will ever meet.

I suffer from taking too much on and never completing a single bloody thing….

So there is a failed marriage, it really doesn’t bother me that it is failed. 130 more words


The Creepy Little Girl From 'The Ring' Is All Grown Up!

Remember the little girl who played the creep-tastic “Samara” in 2002’s horror flick “The Ring?” Yeah she’s totally given me nightmares for like, the last 13 years!! 115 more words


Deciding To Make The Leap To Move Is Quite Scary

When my boyfriend landed an interview in Tennessee, I was hopeful, but didn’t want to think too much into it. Usually, I get my hopes up and they get severely crushed when things don’t pan out. 410 more words


Am I a grown up?

Over the weekend I had the wonderful experience of seeing a bunch of people for the first time in (for some of them) several years. These were all people my parents’ age who have helped take care of me at some point or other. 119 more words

Life And All The Rest