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A book!

I almost started out this post by explaining and sort of apologizing for the title — it’s not really “my” book or anything… But I will not explain and apologize, because I am proud to be included in Full Grown People’s next anthology: … 120 more words

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Retail Therapy

Tangled hangers drive me crazy. I usually don’t have the patience to untangle them, but the whole purpose of this exercise is to untangle, tidy, clean, organize. 321 more words

Grown-up Stuff

haiga forty-one

dew point –

her taste through morning coffee



Some things get better with age & practice; some things, exponentially so. Thank you for the . . . inspiration, Patty!

—G. Kinnard


Writing Revenge

She hated the mornings the most.

Her muscles ached from lifting the kids, from carrying the laundry basket up and down, up and down, from sitting on the floor for hours after school, playing, pretending. 102 more words

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Hair and boobs

On the morning of my 39th birthday, I was grateful for two things: my hair and my boobs.

There were other things too, of course – the way Sam buried his little face in my hair at 5:30 in the morning. 671 more words

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New Things

Today may as well be recorded in the history books. Yes, it’s just your regular old Wednesday, but it was a day of new things for me! 421 more words


My Experience: Financial Budgeting in College

College can be expensive; tuition, books, room and board, food, school supplies (first time around), supplies that may be required for class and miscellaneous expenses. 978 more words