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A Little Bit Personal...

I find myself more and more in situations I was not expecting.

When I was younger, I felt that by the time I reached my current age, I would have been married, had at least one kid, and content with the direction of my life. 1,007 more words


What Are We Allowed to Talk About Anymore?

We gathered in the center of our cubicle farm—the four women I share the space with stood around my desk. I am new in the office and they were asking me about my son. 208 more words

Grown-up Stuff

please and thank you

I’ve spent weeks feeling under the weather. Feeling MUCH better now even though I’ve missed so much…stuff. I haven’t really missed much though, have I? It just feels that way. 733 more words

Creative Business

Cube Super Star, or not. Whatevs.

I die a little every time I sit in my 4×6 work station. Life slips away every time I’m standing (because sitting is unfriendly) at my desk, which really isn’t mine but just a general space where everyone congregates and over zealous moms forget everything they know about personal space. 166 more words


How do you make 13?

This has been a frequent question in our house lately, now that Sam is suddenly interested in letters and numbers: “How do you spell mama?” “What is 5 and 5?” “How do you make 13?” 367 more words

Grown-up Stuff