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I don’t believe in fate, although it is a wonderful concept. I think that the world was built to do exactly what it does. It doesn’t do anything extraordinary and it is in no way magic because there are so many people out there that do bad. 276 more words


The 16th

More pictures of flowers and I’m actually not sure if that is the same tree as before but I’ll just believe it isn’t.

Long term relationships are hard. 139 more words


The 14th was sunny and nice

My Monster hunter character is bad ass, no?
I’m a total brute though.
Everyone is careful and planning and I’m Leroy Jenkins – ING it (hahha Wow ).


The 13th isn't bad

On my way home from work.
I actually had to make a u turn with my bike to get to the tree and it looks nice. 85 more words


The clock strikes twelve

Barbecue at my student housing.
I’ve never see some of these people as I am not a social person.
I just went down cause I got bullied and I wanted to learn to skate.


The eleventh hour

Because we are all 19- 28 and playing board games while trying not to beat one another.
In other news I am the Kraken and the kraken is Cuthulu


Day 99

Follow up picture :)
The flowers are so pretty *sneezes*.
Yeah I don’t do well in spring and summer.
I’m actually kinda tired at the moment trying to make this up to date. 15 more words