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If I focus on the negative then all I’ll get is more negativity. Harry is right. I’m not giving any effort. I’m stuck in a rut, cataloging all that is wrong with Farah. 62 more words

It's Been So Long

By Bethany Reams

The rain is strong today.

I climbed into my old bed and sat there for a while listening to the rain patter on the metal roof. 288 more words

Brain pain

I have a pain in my brain. I don’t think it’s from overwork, probably the opposite. Long periods with little brain activity. I was was never one to calculate very often. 28 more words

Real Life

Talulah's Night of Misadventure (Pt. I)

I’m sick. Very sick, in fact. It’s the type of sick where you find yourself aimlessly rolling around your bed in hopes of finding the spare tissue you tucked somewhere. 1,107 more words


I know I’m bad about posting.  I’m sorry, I’m just so busy.

So, I do have to switch RSD doctors.  I am so nervous I can’t even put it into words.   1,215 more words


Rediscovering my passion

Remember when you were a kid and people asked you what you were going to be when you grow up? I used to say: an artist. 896 more words


Little Hands

Running through the little bodies
Surrounding you and I.
The doors open and our feet
Pound the ground
Kicking up gravel behind us.
Time moves slowly- 96 more words

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