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Pretty Smart Cookie

Oh my Little L, you are learning so much. You learned your body parts over a month ago, now you are actually saying most of the names to match. 223 more words


It's OK to Laugh. (3-3-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

DECIDE:           It’s OK to Laugh.

PRACTICE:       Make a list of things that make you laugh. Are the things on your list:

  • Mostly things you see or are they things you read or just think about?
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Developmental Stages

Morning Sun

I really enjoy time to myself. Living with people has really taught me to enjoy the little moments I get to myself, because they are few and far between.  552 more words


The Inevitable Change

Everyone says “growing up sucks”, “stay young and free”, “don’t grow up”, and so on and so forth. This stigma that people have with growing up bothers me. 619 more words


My First Month of Adulthood

This past Saturday marks my first official month of adulthood (being eighteen, I mean), and I can honestly say a lot has changed.

Every person has experienced being asked the question, “How does it feel?” after every birthday, and almost every person tends to give the same response, “It doesn’t feel any different.”  I, however, disagree. 273 more words


She Paints Herself on Walls

She paints herself on walls so she’ll be admired like art

She carries a microphone in case someone has not heard her story

She cares too much… 95 more words

Coming Of Age

Cham Turns 18: An 18th birthday script

(This is a script I wrote for an 18th birthday party.)

HOST: Good evening everyone! Welcome to Homitori Davao! Welcome to a night of pastel colors in celebration of a wonderful life for a girl who is now turning into a fine lady. 1,727 more words

Love And Life