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5 Differences Between What You Tell Your Mom Vs. What You're Really Thinking

1. “How was your day?”

What you tell your mom: “good!”

What you’re really thinking: “I have $8 in my bank account and twenty-seven things to do but it would sound whiny to complain to you at this point — please offer me money. 226 more words


So I’m going to be 25 soon.

Yep, t w e n t y – f i v e.

I remember when 25 sounded so old. 559 more words


Chapter 16

Chapter 16

During the first Monday of the month managers meeting, Charity introduced Dan Jenkins as the interim general manager of the Dreams Prep Kitchen. 1,159 more words

Growing Up

Point of the Compass

Its a Tuesday night, two days down-but three to go. Its been a rough week, where I have felt like a bobber cast adrift in the current. 364 more words


A Letter To My Younger Self

To my younger self,

I’ve been given an opportunity to reach out to you and to give you some advice. There is still more to life for me to experience but at this exact moment I can tell you many things that you are far from knowing. 466 more words


Winning the Job Roulette

Applying for internships is scary. Job-hunting is Scary. Growing up in SCARY.   

People want something that makes them LESS SCARED about the big bad world of adulthood, and I have a few thoughts about how I became realistically confident in my potential. 336 more words


Embracing Motherhood: Becoming, until we are.

The journey to motherhood was an easy one for me. We had no trouble conceiving. I had a dream pregnancy — no morning sickness, no cravings, no cramps, no water retention, no heartburn… basically it was just a list of no pregnancy symptoms except for glowing skin, shiny hair and the swelling belly. 546 more words

Little Sapling