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Remembering my childhood, food and all!

I’ve always wondered what others earliest childhood memories are.  It is hard to think back and remember when you were a very young child.  Are the memories I have correct or are they the memories of my wildest dreams?  882 more words


Party of One.

Half-flattened boxes laid against the blank, white walls. The aroma of fresh marinara expanded through the room, complimenting the bubbling rhythm of boiling noodles.

Sipping on my glass of sangria, I attempted to relax. 255 more words


You'll Wanna Dance: 8 tracks for overcoming this eternal summer

Summer can really stink sometimes, but here’s a playlist to make the slump a bit easier to get through. 551 more words



So once again I held my breath and sucked the words back in. I can’t get over the risk of scaring you off for good. Even though you said I’m your other half, and always wish for one more hour, one more night, one more day together, I can’t bring myself to say it to you. 261 more words


what I wish I knew in my 20s

Listening to: Arcade Fire

Reading: The Catcher in the Rye

Writing About: Stuff Old Guys say to soon-to-be Old Guys. 

I Was Once a Young Man: 1,857 more words

What nobody tells you about growing up

Remember when your mom wouldn’t drive you over to a friend’s house because you had school in the morning – and you just couldn’t wait to grow up so Mom couldn’t tell you what to do any more? 1,779 more words

Adulthood Doesn't Suck

I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 22

Twenty Two: that age where society says you should be an adult, but you’re still trying to figure out simple things, like did he send that snap just to you or to his whole friends list?

723 more words