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The Things I See

believe me

the things I see I don’t want to see

Death, Life, and Misery

It’s a mystery, really

Picking out my flaws like searching for apples from an orange tree… 101 more words

Coming Of Age

The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: Growing Pains @ Golden Age of Gaia

The Watchers via Jean Rockefeller: Growing Pains

March 1, 2015 By Angela Newberry

Current Conditions

As of February 13, 2015, The Tethers of Service began to release en masse, resulting in a powerful wave of exiting energy. 656 more words

Golden Age Of Gaia


I likely shouldn’t be writing this, I’m tired, am nursing a migraine, and am not wearing my glasses; god knows what spelling mistakes and poor choice wording options I will make, but here I go, because it’s been too long since I’ve put words to a page or screen. 775 more words

"Just the Ten of Us"

Just the Ten of Us (ABC, 1988-1990)

A spin-off of Growing Pains, Bill Kirchenbauer starred as the gym teacher of Mike Seaver. The pilot episode of Just the Ten of Us was a Growing Pains episode from the spring of 1988. 88 more words


on confirmation, attendance, and emails

Being the parents of boys often means loud sounds, body functions, and rough-housing. I wouldn’t have it any other way– except the body functions, of course.  429 more words

Walking By Faith And Not By Sight

I Should Have Stayed A Writer

Recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of internal and external conflict not limited to my fears that I’m not extroverted and charismatic enough to have a successful career in “communications.” But the more time I have to sit around and think about it, the more clear it becomes that my problem isn’t a problem with my lack of capability or confidence, it’s in the fact that I stopped writing. 2,527 more words


You Won't Be 17 Forever

Age 17: You won’t be 17 forever…

I loved 17. It was SO much better than age 16, when the spoiled rich kids at my school threw taco shells at me because U drove my parents’ mini-van to school (not that I’m complaining. 753 more words