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Tidbits about President Cleveland

So, I may have spoken too soon as far as my previous post saying that not much is jumping out at me.

He was the first President to recognize Labor and signed many bills legalizing the importance of national trade unions, the banning of imported contract labor, and cutting the workday for mailmen to eight hours. 59 more words

Grover Cleveland

Not Much Stands Out About Grover Cleveland As He Starts His First Presidential Term

I’m halfway through the book and he is in his first Presidency. In his career as Mayor and Sheriff of Buffalo and Governor of New York, he vetoes almost everything as he feels like most bills are “a raid on the treasury.” 54 more words

Grover Cleveland

Jerry Koosman ties the National League rookie record held by Irving Young (September 13, 1968)

Jerry Koosman ties the National League rookie record on September 13, 1968 when he hurls his seventh shutout of the season, blanking Pittsburgh on just three singles. 173 more words

Boston Beaneaters (1883 - 1906)

In defense of the Old Way

With Game of Thrones being back on the air, the memeverse is up and spitting out tumbler posts and it’s put a thought in my head. 868 more words

The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old (137)

A woman’s face coming for that $20 bill at hand-

From 1905 to 1928 it bore the face of Grover Cleveland.



The Most Scientific and Resourceful of All: General Edward Porter Alexander

Friends of Padre Steve’s World

I am getting ready to conclude my latest Gettysburg Staff Ride with my students from the Staff College. It has been a fantastic experience again. 1,556 more words


Three For Change (2015)

1. Ideas.
2. Population.
3. 20 dollar bill face.
Before 1928, another face
on hand-
Grover Cleveland.