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Little Rock Look Back: President Benjamin Harrison becomes first sitting president to visit LR

On April 17, 1891, Benjamin Harrison became the first sitting president to visit Arkansas.  He was on a cross-country railroad trip having left DC on April 13. 298 more words


Nonfiction by Paul Vega


“Are you the boyfriend?” the clerk at the check-in desk asks.

I am not, though on nonconsecutive occasions I have been. I am the Grover Cleveland of boyfriends. 1,486 more words

Issue 2

Utterly Useless Information

If you need to smart-off today to somebody, here is some strange but true facts.

The tallest giraffe today is less than 1/3 the size of the tallest dinosaur from the past. 442 more words

Little Rock Look Back: Grover Cleveland

Stephen Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the U.S. was born on March 18, 1837. He won the popular vote in 1884, 1888 and 1892, but lost the Electoral College vote in 1888. 119 more words


What About Grover Cleveland?

The political alignments in 19th Century United States were somewhat reversed from what we know today. We need to remember that, in those days, the Republican party was the liberal party, and the Democrats were the died-in-the-wool conservatives. 1,050 more words


Lost and Found - March 18th Edition

What to remember about March 18th…

  • 1766  Too late to assuage American resentment, Parliament repeals Stamp Act taxes; protests of Act galvanize revolutionary sentiments
  • 1837  Future 22nd and 24th President of the United States Grover Cleveland is born in Caldwell, New Jersey (d.
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