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New Season Cricket Update

It is a beautiful day as I write of the season to come and soon we will be back at the Cricket ground for the summer.  476 more words


Pencil cases

Last year, if someone needed pencils or glue or coloured paper, I would go to the Art cupboard and get it for them. This meant that I was wasting a lot of time doing something for students which they could easily do themselves, except that I preferred they didn’t. 122 more words


Jellyfish, Crocodile and Shark

Those are the names of the three groups the students are now working in for Art.

The Art room is designed for about 15 students and only has enough chairs for 19 but we are averaging 21 students with 29 enrolled, all with additional learning needs. 171 more words


Export User List of AD Security Group

If you need to get a list of all members in an AD Security Group, open up powershell and try the following commands from a DC: 45 more words



Organization: n. trying to achieve a common goal(s) with a group(s) of humans

If you want to have a larger impact on society then join an organization of like minded individuals. 513 more words

Common Sense

SCOM - Why we create management packs for overrides, how it affects targeting and more…

1.  Overrides from sealed MPs create dependencies/references in the unsealed MP: 

For example, I have created a new unsealed management pack named TEST which contains overrides from the SQL Server 2012 MP.  794 more words