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Thin groupoids

Thin groupoid is an important but a heavily overlooked concept.

When I did Google search for “thin groupid” (with quotes), I found just (seven) pages (and some of these pages were created by myself). 470 more words


Hopf algebroids and (quantum) groupoids (Part 2)

Last time I defined weak Hopf algebras, and claimed that they have groupoid-like structure. Today I’ll make that claim more precise by defining the groupoid algebra… 929 more words


Hopf algebroids and (quantum) groupoids (Part 1)

I’ve been thinking a lot about weak Hopf algebras and Hopf algebroids, especially in relation to work I’m doing with Catherine Meusburger on applications of them to gauge theory.  1,232 more words


Higher Gauge Theory in Edinburgh - Part II

Continuing from the previous post, we’ll take a detour in a different direction. The physics-oriented talks were by Martin Wolf, Sam Palmer, Thomas Strobl, and Patricia Ritter. 1,311 more words


Higher Gauge Theory in Edinburgh - Part I

The main thing happening in my end of the world is that it’s relocated from Europe back to North America. I’m taking up a teaching postdoc position in the Mathematics and Computer Science department at… 1,425 more words