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agenda :: 3/3

writing warm-up: (10 min) Think about a recent conversation you had with another person, or a group, in which you learned something new about a topic you were unfamiliar with.  698 more words


'The Good Idea Party'

At the beginning of February this year everyone on our course (students from applied art, graphics and illustration, and fine art) were put into groups of around 5-7 students. 161 more words


Staged as a Group.

Having a theme as a group this week of ‘All the world is Staged’ has been nothing less than challenging. Forming our ideas around appropriation of work, by making ourselves both the discoverer and inventor of the images we made, we explored the divide between staged and the decisive moment photography. 310 more words



In todays afternoon lesson we were to present our final photoshop image to the class. Our final outcome of my group space surfing on a Giottos rocket blaster seemed to amuse our fellow students. 292 more words


A 21st Century Pre-Raphaelite.

The image below is John William Waterhouse’s ‘The Lady of Shalott’ painted using oils in 1888 its arguably one of his most iconic works. Focusing on the beautiful woman he uses a composition that alludes to her isolation. 605 more words


Size and Space


The task that was given was a partner based assignment. We had to take our drawings and compare the size, structure and functional use of the rooms. 462 more words


Group: Alone Animatic

The Alone Animatic was assembled / edited and verse 1 (recorded) by Daniel Henry in iMovie, whilst Ramone & Daniel Lenart had each recorded their verse (2 & 3) of the poem. 36 more words

Group Work