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Bad day

Today is a day i never wanna re-live. I was utterly humiliated. And it was mainly my fault. I was not prepared enough. I was late, i was not ready. 197 more words


Social Media + Online Tools in Academic Group Work

Going to college has really opened my eyes to implementing modern technology in my academics. It started slowly – I began using several of the tools in Google Drive in my school work. 566 more words


10 AMAZING Fun GROUP ESL Activities for children (or even ADULTS!)

Hey, we are all children at heart and here is a big list of fun things to do with groups of children or adults to spread the English around. 333 more words


Half-similar papers update, or I'm not as awesome as I thought.

OK, I came up with an investigation in my class that I thought was really awesome. (See previous post.) It was simple, engaging, and collaborative, and the students actually argued about it and then rolled up their figurative sleeves and worked it out with only occasional intervention from me.   280 more words

Surviving Group Work

Dear Internet,

We seem to have become such great friends as of late and I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the latest event in my world – Group Work. 187 more words

Group Work

punctuating and paragraphing with purpose through inquiry

looking across a piece of student writing that has limited punctuation and few or no paragraphs can make writing difficult to understand even if the content and ideas are strong. 647 more words


Q22: What would happen if people never co-operated? Why do you think it is important to cooperate?

This sounds like the sort of question a teacher would pose to a kindergarten class. Or maybe at Sunday school. If people never cooperated, the world wouldn’t be a very nice place to live in. 535 more words

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