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Gallery for Digital Art

The gallery design started out as a series of experimentations with scripting, work flows and changing parameters. These processes were narrowed down to a single design through various iterations and by testing through fabrication for a desired effect. 111 more words

Network Hotel Tower

By researching social systems within Barcelona, a new program is embedded into the hotel tower. The prevalence for social networking and a constant connection to the digital world is used as a catalyst for the redesign. 87 more words

Layering Fabric Cultural Center

The city Rome runs in two opposing directions when facing urban density and new development. While the spatial density of Rome carries the cramped similar to that of a heavily populated metropolis, its population density is lower than Paris, Berlin, or Barcelona. 80 more words


Presentaions are a pain in the ass for all BBA students. Most of us arent good public speakers and some of us cant speak english very well. 141 more words


Groupwork Journal Essay

It is that time of the year again! The Groupwork journal is hosting a competition and opportunity for student group workers (BSW and MSW) to submit an essay to be published in their journal. 9 more words

Parallel Play for Postgrads

One of the things that I anticipated when I started my doctoral study was loneliness. Although I wasn’t too worried about this, being by nature an introvert and liking to be responsible for my own work, it wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to. 1,268 more words

Forgiveness Is The Core Ingredient To a Better You.

Do you ever feel a lump in your throat–a knot in your stomach–when you recall a past occasion where someone did something to hurt you? People can be delightful and on the flip side of that they’re also dreadful–true? 219 more words

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