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Breaking Wind In Style

Memorial Day weekend was nice, we did not have any plans other than building a fire pit and a pergola, only one of these got built, hint it was the one in which it would be perfectly ok acceptable to mix with fire. 812 more words


Does That Ever Actually Work For You?

There is an appropriate and an inappropriate way to approach a female.

Here are some examples of appropriate comments to make:

Creep Van is In Bad Taste!

Description: It’s confusing as fuck and we weren’t even drinking. Basically, there’s a guy in a van that kills people using his van. For some reason he wants to get shot of it. 84 more words


Worst Possible Scenario

Worst possible scenario would be a Ted Cruz presidency.


#shortblogpost #creedthoughts

Freaky Friday: Ruining Sex Edition.

Attempt II at ruining sex. Here goes nothing.

None of these things are meant to make you think of sex.

But they do.

Or we’re fucked in the head. 178 more words


PHOTOS: These Are The Worst Airline Passengers Of All Time!

I discovered the funniest/grossest Instagram account yesterday called Passenger Shaming. It was created by a former flight attendant, and it’s your new favorite photo feed. 542 more words