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One thousand five hundred and fifty-eight soldiers lost

a limb in the Mid-East conflicts. How we determine what is pain.

How what is outside is less hidden. 103 more words

Breaking up with my grocery store

3 blocks away really blew me away.


Oreos and Ruffles have never been so cheap.

Too cheap?

When I think big picture, I don’t see your pitcher. 72 more words

Bring back the self-checkouts. Please. I'm begging you.

Within the last year-ish, two Mariano’s grocery stores opened up within 5 miles of my house. I worked at one of them as a barista, starting when it first opened last March. 459 more words


“This story would be the moment where my life went in a new direction. If I could pinpoint a moment, this would be when that happened. 689 more words


Paradox of Choice

I recently came across 2 articles that dovetail together. The first is an older New York Times piece that covers the psychology of “the paradox of choice”. 268 more words

Food Retail

The Allure of Meal Planning

What is my fascination with meal planning? I know what’s for dinner tonight. When the kids, ask I have a delicious answer.  Enticement. I know what I need at the grocery store. 75 more words