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Smash Mouth Football: A Timeline

Many NFL fans have lamented over the past few years that with the rise of speedy skill players and all of the rule changes that increase the efficiency of long, downfield passes, that something has been lost. 830 more words


Black Wall Street 2: An Argument for Social Justice

This past February my class explored Black Wall Street and the riots of Tulsa in 1921. It was a difficult undertaking. It is a mature topic that involves a rape allegation, economic equality, and there are not many source texts on the topic. 955 more words

only pebbles (haiku)

only pebbles
to be found in the grit –
the heron moves on


Carpe Diem




Everyone believes that happiness is something that you are or something you aren’t, but what they don’t realize is that it is actually a choice. You have to wake up every morning and decide to be happy as well as do things that make you happy. 113 more words


An eyeopening account of a fight with anxiety.

This purpose of this blog is to get insights from remarkable people. Today, my close friend Tom Parry (below, with the beard), has wrote in detail about his incredible struggle with Anxiety. 3,552 more words

Emotional Intelligence

My first year as a teacher.

Let’s just say it was no walk in the park…

I was hired on a Tuesday in September, school had already started and I needed to move across the country and get settled within a few days. 1,266 more words


Thou Shalt Not Talk About The Ex: A Southern Lesbian Talks First-Date Etiquette 

Written by Black Soliloquy


I’m a GRIT—a G.irl R.aised I.n T.he S.outh. I’m also a Womanist. These two versions of me clash at times. I love claiming and exercising my sexuality, but I do have manners, for heaven’s sake! 767 more words

Black Lesbian Relationships