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Review: Little Mermaid #4

The direction in which Zenescope has pushed some of its fairy tale characters has been hard to comprehend.  Some of its characters have had a fairly faithful adaptation to the modern day, while others have struggled to find justification for their association to their namesakes.   345 more words


Review: Wonderland #35

There is an interesting moment near the middle of this issue.  It is reminiscent of the original source material, but at the same time very different.   296 more words


“Red – The Inspiration,” by Elisha Neubauer

I would like to introduce Elisha Neubauer from www.europeangeeksinruralamerica.wordpress.com, who graciously accepted my invitation to be my guest on Silver Threading.

Author Elisha Neubauer… 818 more words



By Victor Miller

BWN Special Correspondent

HEIDELBERG, GERMANY…(GCO)–Although popular tradition has it that The Grimm Brothers collected the Sleeping Beauty tale from local peasants, recent archaeological finds in parts of Moldova (which has a serious problem admitting that it is part of Romania) have shown that Snow White was a real Moldovan Princess whose given name was unpronounceable. 581 more words


Review: Realm War #9

The decision to go for a big company wide crossover is a strange one for Zenescope and Grimm Fairy Tales.  First of all, such crossovers are very much hit and miss even at the big two of comic publishers where at the very least fans will get in line for their favorite characters.   349 more words


Review: The Jungle Book Call of the Wild #5

There have been a few notable successes thus far in the publication history of Zenescope with its Grimm Fairy Tales imprint, and their foray into the Jungle Book has more or less been one of them.   346 more words


Review: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz - Reign of the Witch Queen #1

Grimm Fairy Tales has somewhat of a hit-and-miss record when it comes to interpreting literature into its universe.  While Wonderland is among the best offerings that the company has made in its entire run, Neverland was sometimes without direction, and Oz suffered from a lack of a singular focus for the entire series.   350 more words