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Review: Wonderland #34

The ongoing story of Calie Liddle has been one which has left many questions unanswered about the realm of Wonderland.  Most of the early stories featured characters that were close facsimiles of those from Lewis Carroll’s books, although with a more violent twist.   436 more words


Strange Comic Trends: Superheroines Get Impaled, Walk It Off

Warning, Spoilers Below for Realm War #7 and He-Man Eternity War #4

This is not a trend over one specific week exactly, but instead covers two months, though the end result of both comics occurred in this week (if the digital release of… 377 more words


Review: Realm War #8

If one had any questions as to whether the main universe of the Grimm Fairy Tales universe is overly complicated then this single issue would answer that.   284 more words


Review: The Little Mermaid #2

The first issue of the Little Mermaid introduced an interesting element, that of mixing a bit of science fiction into that of mermaids.  As supernatural creatures, mermaids tend to get lumped together more with magic than they do with science, and so using the science experiments on the main character as a plot device was an interesting direction to take such a story.   283 more words


Review: Grimm Tales of Terror #9

The quality of this series has thus far rested on the familiar but discarded formula from Grimm Fairy Tales.  Take a fairy tale (or urban legend in this series) and retell it slightly and add in a real world punishment for someone who has committed a sin similar to those crimes.   331 more words


Review: Wonderland #33

Calie Liddle has been getting a lot of focus recently, between two Grimm Fairy Tales miniseries in the past year that have tied her into the larger universe, and her own ongoing series.   417 more words


Fumbling Insults #3

Offense is unpredictable.

Like the tides to the ancients, or the viral nature of content to virtual natives, what exactly causes offense is fastidiously fleeting. 391 more words