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Review: Coven #1

Grimm Fairy Tales has mostly stuck pretty close to the same formula throughout its entire run.  Although it has vastly modified its source material, it has mostly depended closely on fairy tales, myths and legends in order to tell its stories.   361 more words


Review: Robyn Hood #12

Although this series is a fan favorite, it is also one which has often seemed to take the easy way out in terms of its story telling.   368 more words


We Talk About the Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary Special with Leonardo Paciarotti

With over 60 issues already credited to his name, Leonardo Paciarotti could be considered to already be a comic book veteran.  Although he works for a variety of companies his focus has primarily been for Zenescope, and he joined us to talk a bit about Britney Waters and how to get the colors right inside a comic book. 1,015 more words


We Talk About the Grimm Fairy Tales 10th Anniversary Special with Jeff Massey

Although relatively new to the medium of comics as a writer, Jeff Massey already has an impressive list of writing credits to his name.  He has been responsible for most of the Oz offshoot of Grimm Fairy Tales at Zenescope, and recently had the chance to writer the 10th Anniversary special featuring Britney Waters.   927 more words


We Talk about the Grimm Fairy Tales' 10th Anniversary Special with Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson is an accomplished comic book artist, but also one that has been below most people’s radar despite a career spanning almost a decade.  He joined us to talk about working on the most recent Grimm Fairy Tales 10th anniversary special, and how he took on the challenge of drawing a female werewolf. 1,014 more words


We Talk Grimm Fairy Tales with Nicole Glade

Editors are the unsung masterminds of the comic industry, bringing together multiple talented artists and creators to produce a single finished product. Nicole Glade is one such editor, who has been working behind the scenes at Zenescope for a few years on various titles. 1,247 more words


Game Review: Wonderland The Board Game

It probably comes as a surprise, even for the disparate fans of Zenescope that there is a board game featuring one of the company’s properties.  It is the case however, as the company seemed interested in expanding its covering of different media beyond just comics to board games.   376 more words