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Make the Most of Snow Days: Plumbing and Monkey Business

On the morning of Tuesday, February 24, I decided to make the most of my snow day off from school. I chose to do a job that I had been putting off for quite some time, repairing the handle on Emma’s faucet fixture in the upstairs bathroom. 381 more words

Day 134

“I was the wind last night –
I vaulted the mountains and crossed seven rivers.
And turned aside the tall trees guarding the valley.
I caught glimpses of you through the window… 147 more words

Moving Forward

We are due another snow storm which is not conducive to me wanting to do that room. I don’t know if anyone else uses as many excuses as I do, but it is not a pleasurable experience. 127 more words


A Big WOWSA Thank You...

Gosh, I just read over a few of my posts and I’m shocked anyone reads my depressing crap…much less chooses to follow me on here! I’m depressing, pretty pathetic, whiny, and overwhelming on so many levels. 175 more words


Airing and De-Isolating

My deepest apologies for the countless grammatical and spelling errors in the previous post. But I will still leave it as it is. Just because it reminds me of my incoherence in times of distress. 1,086 more words

Grief: Where To Begin?

Many of you, like me, may be classic movie fans. I tend to gravitate toward Film Noir. I’m a noiry kind of guy. Also, crime films. 433 more words

Personal Stories

Lesson's Learned While Grieving

Grieving What I have learned Along the Way

  1. Initially everything is a “fog” because we are in disbelief or shock as to what just happened. It is my belief that this is God’s way of protecting us, because if we had to process all the information at one time, it would literally blow our minds.
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