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Kids at Funerals

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic time for families, and especially children, as it is a confusing time above anything else. When the loss of a close relative or friend occurs it can be difficult to explain to a young child where they have gone, and why everyone is behaving differently. 591 more words

Passing out in a Car-park.

One of the scariest incidents in my life to date was the day my mum passed out in a restaurant after coughing up so much blood that she almost lost consciousness. 406 more words


Yes, a Happy Birthday

Soon after our son passed away, I started dreading this day. I would often think, “Oh, God. His birthday. How will we ever get through that day?  775 more words


Dear Marty

Having the past 12 years with you to appreciate doesn’t make the last day any easier. Thank you for being there for me when no one else was… Even at the very end.


What I see....

What do you think

I see when you find me looking at the mirror?

Grieving soul?

Broken heart?

Pain in eyes?

Forced dimples on cheek? 82 more words

Different Angles

Why have a passion for helping people preplan their funeral and cemetery arrangements...

Megan Coyle Stamos, from Coyle Funeral Homes in Toledo, Ohio states:  “I want to tell you why I have a passion for helping people plan and pay for their funeral arrangements in advance.  81 more words

Calumet Park Cemetery In Merrillville Indiana

What's the right way to grieve?

Simple answer, there is no right way.

Everyone grieves differently, whether your family pet passed away, your friend, grandma or brother. Each grievance is just as important.

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