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Saddest Moments in TV

These are the moments in television in which I sobbed uncontrollably. The ones that cut my heart so deeply that I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to recover. 190 more words

TV Drama #Top5

If you’re looking for the best TV Shows to watch; in terms of Drama….. These five are definitely top on the list!


Although, only recently released; FOX’s Empire is already number one on the list…. 127 more words


My Thoughts on Grey’s Anatomy

For the past 2 weeks I have become fully immersed in the world of Grey’s anatomy. Serialing TV seems to run in my genes (my sister also obsessively watches one show, from beginning to end, all day every day) and the formulaic nature of GA has made this even more enjoyable. 950 more words


Six TV Deaths I Actually Mourned

I honestly cannot remember the last time that a tv show or a movie moved me to tears. And this is an accomplishment considering I feel like a whiny, needy mess inside. 529 more words


I got one song on my mind.

Welcome to the first ever Obsessive Monday. For those of you who haven’t read my last post Obsessive Monday will consist of three or more things that I have been obsessed with the past week. 701 more words


Greys Anatomy: A glimpse into my thoughts on Greys.

Hi Again. This is my first actual post.

For those who have never watched Greys Anatomy, i strongly suggest you do. Greys Anatomy is about 5 interns and there supervisors at a hospital in Seattle. 219 more words

Greys Anatomy

Men: Why do all of the good ones seem to date the wrong girls?

Hi DIVAS! Today we’re going to talk about why the RIGHT men don’t seem to ever choose us.

Even though we know we werk it ALL day long.> 822 more words

Women In Their 20s