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Hungry, Shy and Alluring - the Ladies of Tarra Valley

During my recent trip to the Tarra Bulga National Park and the Tarra Valley, the weather was overcast and drizzly making the forests quite dark and difficult to photograph birds. 394 more words


Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve - a small bird haven

I explored a new bush park today, on the outskirts of Frankston, Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve. It is a good sized reserve with many well managed and signposted tracks and a wide fire break running down the centre of the park. 143 more words


Carnage overnight - What happened to our nesting Grey Shrike Thrush?

Sad news today as we discovered that our regular nesting grey shrike thrush has most likely been eaten by something. We discovered a scene of feathers and a broken nest on our back verandah today. 183 more words


The birdies are busy today...

Our eastern yellow robins are busy nest building today. I have snapped a couple of photos on my phone for you to enjoy. The eastern yellow robins are a… 55 more words


Peg basket squatters

The Grey Shrike-thrush is one bird that seems to have adapted well to human incursion into its habitat. Many of us who have had them nesting in odd places around houses or sheds will relate to this story sent in by Rosemary from Strath Creek: 221 more words


Close Up of a Grey Shrike-thrush

The images below are of a Grey Shrike-thrush (Colluricincia harmonica) which I spotted in a bush just outside my kitchen window. It was searching for insects to eat. 63 more words


The lores of nature

The part of a bird’s head between the eye and the beak is termed the lores. Even though all birds have them, for most birds the lores do not get a mention in any field guide. 240 more words