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Our Beloved Pal Scooter

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they made the decision to enable them to experience good from evil, joy from sorrow and many other things in opposition.   1,700 more words


I Ain't Even Mad...

Something I have heard throughout the months since my husband’s passing is, how I could possibly not be mad a God for what has happened. Why would He take away Bryan so soon, when he was so young and when we were just married? 474 more words

A Moving Memorial: A Young Woman's Life and her Journey of Moving On

To my WordPress Following old, aspiring, and the like,

Some of you who have read my posts from before know that I’m an advocate for mental health and a Roman Catholic Christian. 369 more words

Roman Catholic

Did You Know Him?

By Vail Bello, retired Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy

It’s inevitable. For that last 35 years, whenever a cop in the Bay Area dies, someone asks me “Did you know him?” It’s not out of ignorance; it’s almost always out of care. 476 more words

Law Enforcement

Blessing's Curse

But Aware, I am, of

His sequential now:

This horrible,

Unending rut!

And troubled, I am,

Recalling his past,

Before his illness

And steady decline. 39 more words


Postmortem Of My Relationship: Beginning The Healing

I’ve been through a really bad period, some of which I’ve written about here. What I haven’t written very much about is my relationship with my partner. 1,501 more words

What I've realised..

So my obsession lately has been the vampire diaries, I don’t know why. But I’ve watched most episodes up to season 6 episode 16.. Just finished 15 (SPOILERS) and what I realised when Caroline was upset when her mother died and how she felt all the memories and the pain came rushing back to me from when I lost my Nana, I mean yeah my nana isn’t my mother, but she was more that a nana to me she was my bestfriend, my world. 342 more words