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The time is now...

Therapy is tough; at the very least it is emotionally taxing. I had my second appointment yesterday and this is the first one where we started getting down to actually talking about my issues. 1,216 more words


my father's memory

you were with me, but somewhere else

you listened intently but soon forgot

you told me your story

it helped you remember who you were… 67 more words


Letter to Jennifer Moore's Parents

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Moore,
Before Jennifer passed away, she was our best friend. My sister and I would even argue over which of us was her real best friend – there was lots of “no you’re not, I am!” 853 more words

Out of the Garden: A Sneak Peak

I’ve been working on a new project that’s very close to me… I hope you enjoy this sneaky peaky! – Ms.Fortune

When Maggie stepped into the hospice room that contained her grandmother, she had prepared herself to put on The Show – the false act of prosperity and happiness she pulled out for family members, old boyfriends, and newly-met and/or long-forgotten acquaintances. 633 more words


Grieving & PTSD

The concept of grieving is a detaching one. One where I feel nothing but trite. I am grieving. But it’s the memories of the experience that is causing me to grieve. 378 more words


Hour 54 - anger.

Fuckkedyshitcocksuckercuntsonofabitch… If that was an emotion, it’d be exactly how I’m feeling right now. I just went through a break up, and I’d have to say I have never dealt quite so badly with anything in all my life. 454 more words


Our Beloved Pal Scooter

When Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, they made the decision to enable them to experience good from evil, joy from sorrow and many other things in opposition.   1,700 more words