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I’m just an ordinary Jamaican gal with dreams of travelling the world someday. To sum up my personality; random, crazy and an awkward socialite. Despite all that though I’m really nice. 133 more words


A greeting

I never introduced myself properly. I just threw you a mariner. A good mariner though. The thing about blogging is that I can start formalities in any way I desire. 582 more words



Kegiatan ini telah membawa banyak hal positif bagi saya, dan saya berterimakasih pada ITS yang telah menghelat kegiatan ini. Beberapa hal positif tersebut yaitu : 58 more words


My Struggle With Greeting Yorubas

In secondary school, I had my first encounter with what I felt was some form of tribalism. It wasn’t that I was unaware that such feelings existed, after all my parents had rubbed into my ear how I shouldn’t consider marrying any woman that wasn’t from Imo or Abia state when the time for marriage came. 261 more words


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Welcome to my blog!

I hope you stick around for all the creepy-cute posts to come.

Haunt you later!!

– Baby Bat


Filet Heart Baby Blanket

Wanted to make a baby blanket using a new pattern. Found a picture of a filet heart and then figured out how it was made. I wanted the baby blanket to be about 36 x 36 inches, so I made my foundation chain and then started crocheting the filet pattern. 32 more words