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The cowardice of Greenpeace

Unlike most criminals, Greenpeace brags about its crimes. The media loves it and much of the time, the police treat them pretty gently. A short time ago, Greenpeace activists snuck aboard an offshore oil drilling vessel, and filmed themselves in this act of piracy. 43 more words


India's Contaminated Heart - Ganga

What is the first image that comes to your mind as soon as you hear the word Ganga; chances are that 90% of you will have an image of water, flowing through Himalayas’, flashing through your mind, with thoughts of peace, purity and tranquility associated with the same. 1,745 more words


Support GreenPeace

Hello everyone!

I’m here to share this Green Peace campaign. I’m with them and everybody who wants to have a better future for our next generation. 22 more words

Give Earth a hand

Sometimes all we need is an inspiration.

Thank you Greenpeace for showing us that this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs us.

Earth Day

What happens in the Arctic doesn't always stay in the Arctic

Greenpeace have recently launched a campaign to try and stop Shell from drilling for oil in the Arctic.

This campaign once again highlights the interconnectedness of the planet’s eco-system.  80 more words

Green-tweaks to Monopoly Capitalism?

Greenpeace’s climate action at New Zealand’s parliament failed to finger the blame at the primary cause of what is, in fact, planet-wide ecological collapse. Consequently their mono-causal presentation of the climate crisis, which is part of a much broader set of colliding crises, leads to oversimplified and dangerous solutions. 908 more words

Democracy & Counter Movements

don't trust don't fear don't beg, Ben Stewart

isbn:97811783350773 is a book that needs extra commas. Anyhow the first problem is an attack of loviedom in the form of celebrity weirdos like that… 261 more words