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What It's Like to Work in a Greenhouse

During my freshman year of college, I was offered a job working at the college greenhouse by one of the professors. He knew that I love turtles and thought that I could give some care to the resident box turtles. 646 more words


This is for you Lauren

By Lauren

Okay in the spirit of this blog this post is a little reminder to myself for next spring.

Last year was the first year I ever started my own plants. 267 more words


The Greenhouse and a bit of catching up

Although out in the garden not very much changed while I was away, it was a different story in the greenhouse where all of the tomato seedlings grew at quite a pace and have now all been pricked out into larger modules and some that I had pricked out before were ready to be put in 9 cm pots.  508 more words

Month By Month

The Light Coming into the Greenhouse

Here’s a treat: These beautiful photos were taken in the Conservatory range last week by Noah Le Claire-Conway, PhD student in Plant Sciences. (Equipment: Nikon D2X camera with an AF Micro Nikkor 60 mm lens.) 30 more words

Botanical Gardens

Warmest Weather So Far

It was ridiculously warm today with temperatures over 19degC – warmer than some places in the¬†Mediterranean ¬†apparently. I gather it won’t last long though . 292 more words


Greenhouse Benches!

I feel bad to rub it in to my eastern friends but because it’s been incredibly warm I have been trying to get the greenhouse benches finished for the plants! 84 more words


The winter list (and a spring surprise)

Every year (OK, for the last few), I get organised. After the great meadow strim P and I walk round the garden working out what needs doing, and draw up the winter list. 586 more words