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I want to make a confession–I am NOT a green thumb. Never have been. I cannot grow anything to save my life, try as I may. 350 more words

Meditations Of A Cynic

garcia garden.

My parents celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary this week! :) Through the years their home has gained the reputation of the “party house” because there is always good food, welcoming arms, and this glorious garden full of blooms, fruits & veggies, and love. 161 more words

This Is Life

Hello to Mark's Green Thumb

My husband Mark has a great many talents. He is an Air Traffic Controller, runs his own small business from our home, and he loves to garden. 87 more words

Cactus We Be Friends?

Perhaps I live in a fool’s paradise from time to time, but I tend to think of myself as a fairly capable person.

I’m not saying that I’m perfectly capable, as we all know that would be an outright lie (proven by my past blog posts about sub-par bicycle riding and pathetic night vision.) I’m just stating with a bit of confidence that my life has run a fairly decent course, thus far, and I’ve managed to keep myself, a jack russell, and countless other random animals + Luke rolling down the road. 558 more words

Candidly Speaking

DIY Indoor Succulent Garden in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re anything like me, you likely spend a lot of time fantasizing over all of the potential your indoor or outdoor space has to offer, and don’t spend a whole lot of time actually bringing those plans to fruition. 256 more words


Can't Kill Plant List

Here’s a good list for the failing green thumbs out there. I stumbled upon this a while back looking for easy to care for plants. These ones claim they can’t be killed, … 54 more words


Winds of Change

The warm wind blew around me foretelling a light rain to come.  The mosquitos lessened and took cover as I pulled bindweed and thistle.  I don’t know why I would be weeding a garden that I cannot harvest from but I looked down the other day and noticed my nails were clean.  234 more words