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I have a gangrene thumb

The secret is just a garden variety revascularized overperfusion.

My blood bill skyrockets in the spring during planting season.

how does my garden grow you ask??

HA, see for your self, boomshaklacka,  I got tomatoes coming out, the lettuce regrew, and I am not sure what the little growths are, we shall see…

Backyard Farm

Spring Seedlings

Grisha has been busy, so the vegetable garden has fallen to my shoulders. I labeled a lot of paper towel rolls, with little insight into how illegible they would become after multiple waterings. 225 more words


Meet the Kids

Once upon a time, I was a plant killer. My most notorious plant death was when I spent my Christmas money on a bonsai and it was dead by the end of January. 763 more words

First Time Home Buyer

The Day

Something you should know about me is that I have a brown thumb. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I can pretty much only grow humans but one day a year I forget what my track record tells me and I believe I can grow something green. 1,219 more words


A New Hobby?

Do I have a green thumb?

I’ve always enjoyed fresh produce from the garden, the beauty of a flower garden, and fresh cut flowers in a vase on the dining table. 249 more words

Urban Garden Part 1: How does your garden grow?

It’s a few solid days into spring now and one of my favourite things about spring is seeing everything so fresh with so much new growth everywhere.  590 more words