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Living things

I’m growing a plant.  As in, 4 weeks ago I purchased a Polka Dot Houseplant from Home Depot and not only is it not dead, but it has new leaves!   128 more words

Random Musings

Fifty Shades of Green Thumb.

I reckon there are fifty shades of green thumb and I represent “Mint” on the colour spectrum rather than the greener than green “Forest”.  Hence I have had more than my fair share of gardening disasters in my gardening gloved hands.  557 more words


attempt at gardening - HELP ME OUT!

Last fall, I moved into a new house with a ‘nice’ garden attached to it. Because it has been neglected for – what seems to be – a while now it looks like this: 271 more words


Little green thumb

My two year old Hudson, absolutely loves being outside.  What better way to encourage and embrace this than to get him involved in gardening.  It’s a fantastic little hobby for him and a great way to spend time with daddy (my husband also enjoys gardening). 178 more words

Mummies Tales

Orchid Madness

Someone told me once, “you can’t grow orchids, they are too finicky & hard to grow”. I, of course, responded with my usual “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED”!  I have grown more orchids than I can count, I have killed more orchids than I can count. 222 more words


The Large, Elegant Staghorn Fern

The staghorn fern does not look like the standard fern: instead of many thin, leaflet-covered ribs, the staghorn fern has thick blades that split at their edges and resemble the horns of an elk. 399 more words

GreenHawks' Green Thumb

Cacti tip

I’m posting this because even the worker at Home Depot wasn’t aware:

Those pretty flowers on top?

Nine time out of ten, they’re not real. If you get your plants from Home Depot, like I do, they glue the flowers on to “show what the plants could develop and bloom”. 109 more words