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Must-have Green Tea

Some consider green tea to be one of the healthiest drinks because of all of its benefits. It is full of antioxidants (which helps reduce the risk of cancer), may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves blood flow, and may also help keep blood sugar stable. 134 more words


Bid Adieu to Several Health Issues with the Best Quality Chinese Teas

A splash of icy-cold water and a sip of refreshing tea are highly needed after spending a tedious day in your workplace. Other than distressing your exhausted soul, fine quality tea has much more to deal with. 297 more words

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Green Goodness

Many people are in the practice of spring cleaning their house. I, meanwhile, am trying out a spring clean on my face. I have limited my use of make up and am now trailing home-made beauty tips; the first being a green face mask. 186 more words


Theorie's Green Tea Hair Mask

This is my first post regarding hair care. Over the last few years I have done quite some damage to my hair. I often dye it, which is why I’m always looking for products that can quickly restore my hair to good health. 128 more words


Daily Post 0084: I Swear, If I'm Getting Sick Again...

Another low key day.

I wrote and got caught up on the blogs I follow. I had lunch with Grace and got to catch up with her. 316 more words

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Become a matcha master

Praise the lord – matcha finally hit the big league.

What is this glorious powder? Well its green tea, but more intense and in powder form. 242 more words