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Product Review - Lemongrass House Green Tea Face Cream

This post is a review on Lemongrass House Green Tea Face Cream. Lemongrass House is not a cosmetic company but a spa company specialising in essential oils and spa products. 849 more words


My Beauty Drink || Green Tea

In the morning after getting freshened I always steep myself towards the kitchen to grab a glass of warm water and have a cup of green tea as a wake-up-call. 68 more words

Beauty Secrets

Don't Matcha Me

I debunked an urban legend today.

Maybe that can be my new pastime.

There IS in fact a way to get iced green tea at Starbucks for only 86 cents. 135 more words

Investigative Journalism

Green Tea, Blueberry, and Banana Smoothie

Green tea, blueberry, and banana smoothie is rich in antioxidants and provide you instant nutritional requirements.

Recipe Ingredients:


Eeeeeeeating at Shibuya after work ;p

Tomorrow is dayoff! So we hang out after work! Yeah! Our aim is eating the green tea cheese cake at Shibuya! (^O^;)

But once we arrived Shibuya station… we were attracted by a cake yaki! 127 more words

O Cha Matcha

Even though that title sounds a bit Italian, it is actually referring to the Japanese powdered green tea, matcha. If you have never had matcha or even green tea before, or tried it but didn’t care too much for it, buy some matcha flavored treats. 111 more words


Are you Drinking "Real" Tea?

When a person begins dabbling in tea, they begin opening the door to a seemingly infinite number of options, flavors and varieties. The tea market to newcomers can be complex, confusing and overwhelming. 753 more words