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Greeks Fear a 'Haircut' on Their Savings As Bailout Deal Expires

The phones at Tax Solutions, an accounting firm in the south of Athens, began ringing non-stop early on Monday. On orders from the Greek government, the banks did not open that morning as harsh restrictions were imposed on the amount of money their clients could withdraw. 949 more words

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In the news today, Greece defaulted on its IMF loan payment…no shocker here…moving on. In Cuba, U.S. is opening a new embassy. I am pretty sure I want to take a vacation to Cuba! 466 more words


S&P downgrades Greek credit rating..European banks lose €50bn as Greek debt deadline nears


Standard & Poor’s has downgraded Greece’s credit rating from CCC to CCC-, increasing the probability of an exit from the Eurozone to 50 percent. 390 more words

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Η ψήφος σου, η τόσο σημαντική

“Είσαι και θα είσαι πάντα κατώτερος, ανίκανος να αναλάβεις την παραμικρή ευθύνη”.

Κι εσύ τους αποκαλείς καθοδηγητές και σωτήρες και φωνάζεις “ζήτω, ζήτω”.

Τώρα θες να ψηφίσεις.


Grexit Daily News – 30 June 2015

30 June 2015  —  We vote YES to Europe, No to Tsipras’ fake Greferendum

Unfortunately, today will go down in history as the day when Greece’s long winded car-crash met with the wall. 233 more words


Greece's collapse should send a shiver down the spine of every socialist

Greeks face the horror of closed banks as Thatcher’s day of reality finally arrives. They collectively voted for politicians who made each election an auction of other people’s money. 90 more words

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Project “Make Everyone Germany” has failed, by Simon Black

From Simon Black at sovereignman.com:

It is somewhat amusing that the word ‘crisis’ originates from Ancient Greece.

It’s actually a medical term; Hippocrates wrote extensively about ‘crisis’ being the key turning point in disease progression– the time at which it either overcomes the patient, or it subsides. 361 more words

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