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L’Araignée et le Caméléon

Il était une fois un caméléon très généreux et très charitable.  Il vivait du produit de son travail dans son champ, avait une grande concession sur laquelle il avait construit une belle case spacieuse. 821 more words

Great Legends & Tales

Elephant and Tortoise

TWO powers, Elephant and Rain, had a dispute. Elephant said, “If you say that you nourish me, in what way is it that you do so?” Rain answered, “If you say that I do not nourish you, when I go away, will you not die?” And Rain then departed. 342 more words

Great Legends & Tales

The Dance for Water or Rabbit's Triumph

THERE was a frightful drought. The rivers after a while dried tip and even the springs gave no water. The animals wandered around seeking drink, but to no avail. 796 more words

Great Legends & Tales

The World's Reward

ONCE there was a man who had an old dog, so old that the man desired to put him aside. The dog had served him very faithfully when he was still young, but ingratitude is the world’s reward, and the man now wanted to dispose of him. 872 more words

Great Legends & Tales

The Hunter's Bride

Here is a story from: Ethiopian Folktales.  You can read the full story there.


Once there was a very beautiful Afar girl and one young man fell madly in love with her. 563 more words

Great Legends & Tales

The Woman and The Hyena

There was a very tired woman living alone.  One day she slept without closing the door, in the daytime, and night fell.  During the night the hyena came and took the woman with her cow skin mat wrapped up.  120 more words

Great Legends & Tales

Horse cursed by Sun

IT is said that once Sun was on earth, and caught Horse to ride it.  But it was unable to bear his weight, and therefore Ox took the place of Horse, and carried Sun on its back.  105 more words

Great Legends & Tales