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Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Length: Moderate (500 pages or more)

Accessibility: Moderately easy read

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

For this next review, I wanted to talk about another one of my favorites. 614 more words

Art Expectations Day 300!

Finally! Close to the finish line… I can see the light at the end of this book!

Pip agrees to start rowing on a regular basis down the river and back so it will look like a normal outing when he finally goes to take Provis down the river, out of town. 190 more words

Art Expectations 299 Down River

 Pip tells Provis what Wemmick told him. There was a rumor at Newgate Prison that Pip was under suspicion and his home was being watched. By whom? 104 more words

An Ode to the Classics

Hello Everyone!

I’m ashamed to say this, but I’ve never read a classic and enjoyed it. Don’t hate me! I can explain, I promise.

Since I was about ten or eleven (don’t remember the exact age) I have been reading Shakespeare, Austin, and a wide array of other “classic” authors. 488 more words


Top 5 Genuinely Great Scenes from Terrible Movies

by Jason Koenigsberg

As Jurassic World is dominating the box office, it has been dividing audiences. A lot of people agree with my review that the first hour and a half were varying degrees of moderately good, to mediocre but that the last thirty minutes were explosively entertaining action. 990 more words


10 Tips for a Better Birth

No matter the choices you are making for your labor and birth, some things will almost certainly increase the odds of having a positive labor experience. 831 more words


Bea Reads: 'Great Expectations'

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

My rating: 8/10

One Sentence Verdict: A thoughtful and detailed coming of age story, Great Expectations is the story of a young boy yearning for love and recognition, and his encounters with a number of people who teach him that sometimes, ambition and expectations can be enough to live on (although more often it takes more than that!) 751 more words

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