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A Historical Framing of Bonnie and Clyde

On the 23rd of 1934, Dallas outlaws and robbers Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were ambushed by police and killed in Bienville Parish, Black Lake, Louisiana. 858 more words


Food for Thought

I promise that I don’t spend all day every day digging through the collection but every now and then, usually while I’m looking for something else, I stumble across something that catches my eye and sets me off on an information treasure hunt, and yes I usually end up somewhere other than what I set out for. 331 more words

Bernie's Big Idea

Claiborne Pell — who the New York Times once called “the most formidable politician in Rhode Island history” — is best known as the namesake for the Pell Grant, which has been assisting low-income families with college costs for more than four decades. 457 more words


Dr. Robert Shiller--Why the Weak Recovery?

Popular Economics Weekly

Nobelist Robert Shiller, winner of the Nobel for his research in Behavioral Economics, or the psychology that drives economic behavior, has come up with the latest reason this economic recovery has been so weak to date. 934 more words

Weekly Financial News

Accounting and rural rehabilitation in New Deal America: A Critical Review

Walker’s (2014) paper about Accounting and Rural Rehabilitation in New Deal USA draws on ‘new historical accounting’ approach elucidating of how accounting could change social behaviour and facilitate social betterment. 1,892 more words


History of America's One Percent - Episode #19

In this podcast series we dive into the long and shadowy history of America’s ruling elite through the works of authors who were either silenced, suppressed, or forgotten, to discover the origins of the 1% and from where their power and wealth was, and still is, extracted. 567 more words

History Of Americas One Percent

Cougar Tales Part Two

Grandpa Stuart’s Cougar Tales

as told by Grandma Williams (my mom,) and me

During the years my mom was growing up, not only did Grandpa Stuart, her daddy, work for Pepsi Cola, have two bands, (The Sagebrush Rambler’s and Tommy Stuart’s Lucky Five,) and his own radio program, he also had the only sawmill in Twin Falls, Idaho for many years. 1,478 more words

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