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Medicine and Mockingbird

Gratitude List:

1. Using gratitude lists as a prompt in school today.  Why haven’t I done this before?  It felt like a gift I gave myself–such bright and deep and thoughtful responses.   115 more words


Stolen Moments of Solitude

Perhaps the reason that my body wakes me so early in these mornings is that my spirit knows it needs significant time in each day when no one needs me, and the quiet pre-dawn moments are some of the only time I will get when I am as utterly alone as I can be in these days, when I wear–like ornaments on my psyche–small children, a cat, a few dozen teenagers, papers that need grading, vines that need trimming, corners that need vaccuuming.   97 more words


Having enough...

In walkabout today, several learners commented to me about their gratitudes and blessings of this school year–what they really were grateful to have learned along the journey this school year.  213 more words

Daily School Life

Rain and River

Today was bookended by two powerful stories about language, how it differentiates, how it connects.  This morning in chapel a colleague of mine spoke thoughtfully and reflectively about her own life story, about the Tower of Babel–how we build complicated structures of our lives, placing our hopes and expectations into them, and how we can be blindsided when they crumble.   339 more words



In Lowland, the Jhumpa Lahiri book I just finished, Gauri seems to have been born with a sixth sense about the movement of time, an awareness of how time moves into the future and into the past.   310 more words


Grace and Wind

Today’s gratitude list is mostly gleaned from our church service yesterday morning.  After a startlingly harsh and jangling sermon from a visiting preacher the previous week, yesterday’s service was one of healing and hope.   191 more words


Arise, then, Women of this Day

Those are the first words of Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation.  It was a call to action, not just to American mothers, but to all women in all nations, to come together to create peace between our countries and to repudiate the wars and violence that were being caused and prosecuted mostly by men. 466 more words