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For the mid-morning light that streams through the window as I write this,
Making even the cobwebs that span the length of the windowpane beautiful, 347 more words


Dream to life...

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”  – Pablo Picasso

YES! So much YES!

When I was a child I LOVED to create. 372 more words

The Journey


The Best Choice She Ever Made

Was To Let Life Take Her By The Hand,

To Let Life Be The One That Never Betrayed


Daily Gratitude #171

5/28/15 – I believe inside all of us there’s a small fire. This is the fire that drives us. For so many of us, myself included in the past, we didn’t properly attend to it and let it die out. 84 more words


30 Intentions For My 30s

For my 30th birthday blog post, I started a few different lists, including 30 lessons I’ve learned, and 30 reasons I’m glad to be 30. 398 more words


What is up with May?!

May feels like literally the worst month. Ever.

Things that were supposed to happen, didn’t. Things that weren’t supposed to happen, did.

The most noteworthy: a bus that I chartered didn’t show up the day of the biggest protest in Grassroots Leadership history, leaving 50 people to find their own way to Dilley (two hours away). 218 more words


And here I go!

The super shuttle picks me up in 2 short hours. I’ve just finished packing and cleaning about to do my nails when I receive an alert via text of possible fraud. 254 more words