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Open Your Heart to Gratitude 30-Day Challenge!

Well, guess who’s back! And I thought going to hold a blog was easy…right, of course- that is until life gets in the way! 799 more words

What 2 weeks in a hotel room taught me

there have been many priceless and precious lessons for me during my break including…

– no matter how small my living space is I like it clean and I took daily actions to keep it that way after a weekend of full uni-student like madness and mess. 504 more words


Land of the Free

I’m sure you all have noticed the news lately and the many stories focusing on police shootings and race-related issues. On this blog, I hope to stay away from political issues and negativity, but as a black person in America, I feel strongly about these issues. 515 more words


Celebrating missions

My wife and I went to a missions convention last week, we go to this convention each year, it is always a wonderful blessing. Here are a few of the things I heard this year. 474 more words


It's the Little Things

My birthday was in April and it was the hardest day I have experienced in a long time. It was the first time I didn’t have Mama to call and sing me Happy Birthday. 425 more words


Jupiter Ascending and the appreciation of time

I recently watched Jupiter Ascending, which is a movie I had been waiting and wanting to see for quite a while. (For those of you who have watched it, don’t judge me – I will openly admit now that it was far from good, but I have adored Mila Kunis since she batted those big-eyes at me in That 70’s Show so I gave it a shot. 426 more words

How Can We Be More Grateful?

People with a strong sense of gratitude, love, and appreciation for others will not necessarily have more luck or more things; they just recognize the blessings in their lives and practice gratitude daily. 416 more words

The Happiness Journey