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Fairy Forest

So I have always known of this little forest near my house, I visit there sometimes depending the situation. When I was little and the trees were smaller, some neighborhood kids would always have easter egg hunts here and they always ended up much more interesting than in your average back yard. 250 more words

Green grass

I love how bright green the grass looks illuminated by the winter sun, it makes me think of Spring and warmer days


Dear Summer...

Dear Summer,

Please come back to me. I’m sorry I got caught up with Winter’s lovely Wonderland. I’m all over it now and I’m SO… 8 more words

Airborne! - February 25, 2015 Dream

The only thing I remember about this dream is driving as fast as I could up a huge, steep, paved ramp towards the sky. Once I hit the top I was airborne. 108 more words

"Passing Storm" -- Art Auction for Greta

My sister works with a woman whose 5-year-old daughter, Greta, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. When my sister asked if I would be willing to create a painting to donate for an art auction to raise money for this little girl, I immediately started brainstorming ideas. 107 more words