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Unemployed — Day 88 [Brain Drain]

The unfortunate part of having an iPhone and using mostly default settings is that everytime a TV character gets a call or a text I have to look at my phone. 866 more words


Reclaiming the word “Infographics”, once again

Recently I rediscovered an old entry in Alberto Cairo’s blog titled “Reclaiming the word “Infographics””. It resonates strongly with my own thoughts on the matter. 263 more words



A graphic element that substantially helps the E-Lit work, “The Sweet Old Etcetera,” to express Calvino’s visibility is: Rhythm and Balance. Lupton says, “In design, balance acts as a catalyst form — it anchors and activates elements in space… Rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern: the beating of drums, the patter of rain, the falling of footsteps” (30). 175 more words


Graphics project- change of plans

Originally for my graphics project I was going to make a booklet on The Oscars, since then I have decided to change my mind and will be writing about the BAFTAs instead. 65 more words

Creative Futures: Graphic Design- Dave E