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Well this is a little awkward.

First of all I’d like to thank you all for the positive response that my anouncement post got last week. I wrote that post while all caught up in a moment of excitement because my exams had finished that week so I was excited about the fact that I could now put more time into my hobbies, this being a major one of them. 367 more words

Graphics Tablet

Announcemments + new segments :)

Hey guys.

It’s been about a couple of weeks since my last post but my exams finally finished on Tuesday and I can finally return to my usual schedule – which is actually having some small changes made to it. 213 more words


Drawing in Photoshop

A lot of people are under the illusion that Photoshop is only for editing photos! This does get on my nerves because it’s what I use it for the least!!! 666 more words


The Essentials: Tech Kit

I am slightly obsessed with gadgets and technology, the other day I was dreaming of buying a drone. For what I am not sure! Before we jump into big ideas let’s start with the essentials,¬†and to me the very essentials is your tech kit. 657 more words


WHAT??!! Turn your iPad into a Graphic tablet

Ok this is amazing and I’ll be trying it as soon as I update my laptop’s OSX. I’m impressed. Has anyone tried it?


Happy Mother's Day | plus some amateur adventures in digital art

Happy Mother’s Day all! The above is an illustration I worked on this week for my own mother’s day card, of the area in which I live in Cardiff. 334 more words