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By DavidAsch

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Final Major Project: Buddha Process and Development to Final Illustration

Instead of doing another long post for the development of the Buddha, like I did with the Fu Dog, I decided to do something a bit different. 203 more words

Mike Westgate

Final Major Project: Ladybird By Design Exhibition

We went to go and view the Ladybird by Design exhibition at the De La Warr Pavilion. The exhibition consisted of 200 different illustrations, primarily spanning the years 1950 to 1970. 220 more words

Mike Westgate

Final Major Project: Pick Me Up Exhibition

We went to the Pick Me Up Exhibition at Somerset House, which is a graphic arts festival, which comprises of ‘new illustration, graphic design and related disciplines to inspire and delight’.   227 more words

Mike Westgate

Final Major Project: Pattern Pieces, Chinese Text, and Fonts

This post is mainly about getting all the interconnecting pieces of the helmet to fit with each other properly, for when the vinyl gets fitted to the helmet. 515 more words

Mike Westgate

The Meaning of Colors Part 3

في المقالات السابقة اتكلمنا عن مدلولات الالوان الدافئة والباردة ودلوقتي ننتقل للحديث عن الالوان المحايدة


اللون الاسود هو اقوي الالوان المحايدة مرتبط دائما بالرسميات والاناقة والسلطة وهو مرتبط كمان بالموت والشر والغموض وهو لون الحداد في كثير من دول العالم 7 more words