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A Favorite Memory

“This has to stop” she says. Her voice is firm and sure, but her eyes are fixated on my lips oblivious to the contradictory meaning of the words just spoken. 353 more words


2013 IYC Promotion Video- 活力元素


IYC Promotion Video


"The End Is Beginning" IYC LOGO Design

International Yoga Championship Logo Design Concept “The End Is Beginning”

As a professional Graphics Designer, I often supercharge my creative juices by launching a personal brainstorming activity, which yields, sometimes hundreds of ideas. 445 more words


Adventures in Photoshop 4/?

“SmokeFace” 2015 Adobe Photoshop

Ralph Fiennes, Michael Keaton, two wolves and a fox in the #1 crime thriller of the year. boy this took some doing to get the smoke effects to jive the photos together and keep the edges from looking… 24 more words


Adventures in Photoshop 3/?

“SeaTurtle” 2015 Adobe Photoshop

Wanted to do something space themed involving a turtle for a while now. Face on the left was a happy accident that worked brilliantly with the space background and I just took it and ran with it


Adventures in Photoshop 2/?

“DarkSpring” 2015 Adobe Photoshop

Model is Jlior http://jlior.deviantart.com/

Some experimentation with model images and other photography. Mostly stick to stock photos exclusively (for copyright purposes- Like to sidestep the whole issue most of the time) but once in a while you see something cool