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Me and my pal. 

Me and my pal doing what we do best. Drinking and sitting down. 

The Blue Hill dialect gets Identified

Racism exists. It is wrong at all levels and shouldn’t be supported. I consider it all the more degrading when discrimination is made between one’s own countrymen. 573 more words


The most CONCISE way that I can explain my dark art.

To sum up, if you ask me why I write such graphic things, it’s because reality doesn’t take a break.


Offend the Fuck Out of People… 37 more words


man’s wardrobe collection based on urban esthetics (university project)

developed for season ss’11


- Suckin at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something -

Hi all, sorry for not updating for so long. Have been going through tough times now, but i didn’t want to quit making stuff. So here some quotes that i found while watching Adventure time series. 28 more words



Setelah ngubek-ngubek arsip yang kebanyakan isinya malu-maluin, saya nemu beberapa gambar yang pernah saya buat dulu.

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