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Medium: graphic design

February, 2015


Elements and Principles of Design

Rhythm and balance are two of many important principles that designers and artists consider when they create.  These two principles are similar, but each serves a different purpose within a piece.   229 more words


The Building Blocks of Design

There are three main building blocks that form the foundation of design.  They are points, lines, and planes.  Points, lines, and planes come together to form the images that my classmates and I will be creating throughout the semester and beyond. 217 more words


To create these four altered self portraits, I mainly relied upon Photoshop skills and techniques that I learned throughout my high school years.  (Thanks, Mr. Richters!)  I used the Pen tool to create Paths and make Selections, and I used the Eraser tool to create hard and soft lines.   49 more words


I was able to create these four altered images through the use of the skills I learned in an introductory in-class Photoshop tutorial. I learned to resize images, in both pixels and inches, and I also learned how to save my work for Web-based publishing purposes. 43 more words


Animal Kingdom March Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Contribution

I am so thrilled with this month’s theme for Pixel Scrapper’s Blog Train! The theme is Animal Kingdom, and the color palette is immense! Most contributors chose different animals, and different colors from the palette to create their awesome designs. 91 more words