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Waist Whittling Wrap

The catalyst for my essential oil decision was the many, many Pinterest pins for essential oil weight loss wraps. I have used commercially made wraps and services with success but I worry about the unknown chemicals and high costs. 594 more words

Citrus Fresh

Citrus and ginger turkey

Here’s a really different (but yummy and very simple!) way to cook turkey breast steaks.

I pan-seared the turkey quickly in balsamic vinegar to get some nice colour on the steaks, before placing in the oven with some grapefruit (1 pink and 1 yellow) and clementine (about 4 whole clementines) segments, as well as some chopped ginger. 48 more words


Southern Summer

This cocktail contains two of my favorite things: whiskey and grapefruit. If this was literally just a glass of those two things, I would’ve been a happy camper. 84 more words


Day 1, Meal 1

  • 2 tbsp of peanut butter
  • 1 toast
  • 1/2 grapefruit

I feel pretty good so far, I ate this at 7am, I am a pretty slow eater if I am occupied so I finished by 8am. 63 more words


Lazy Vacation and Cake

Yesterday was the start of Easter vacation, which was promptly filled with a lot of playing followed a trip to the library and the mall, which means we also had to go to the candy store: 636 more words


A surprisingly healthy summer dessert, allowed even by most moderate Paleo diets. Using kosher supplement grade gelatin (Great Lakes)

Grape Fruit Juice Gelatin infused with Mint & Berries… 26 more words


Quickie For The Car

Yes people, this is different than a quickie in the car.

 Minds out of the gutters, yo.

This posts for all you people skipping breakfast.  I get it. 412 more words

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