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EveryDay 2015 *Week 21*

This week was pretty darn good, with a relaxing long weekend to break it up.  Though I must say, returning to work after the Memorial Day break was H.A.R.D.   485 more words


Emotionally draining games

Very few things shake me emotionally. I don’t cry at weddings or funerals, and sappy events fly right over my head. One of the main reasons I enjoy horror games so much is because it is the only genre to invoke emotion… 442 more words

Something To Remember Them By

Today my mother and I visited my grandparents house and whilst there they requested we went through their belongings and took what we desired as it will only be going into auction or donated to local charities. 614 more words


with love from Porlock Weir (1987)

Taking a week away in Dunster with such lovely surroundings. Our flat is very satisfactory and well furnished & situated next to a large house & garden, of which we have the use.

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100 today!

Today would have been my grandmere’s (my mom’s mom) 100th birthday.

And yesterday (26th) was my oma’s (my dad’s mom) birthday, she passed away on the 30th March 2015. 143 more words


After Memorial Day

Memorial Day has its roots in the years following the Civil War. In the nineteenth century, on Decoration Day*, people honored their loved ones who died serving our country in war, by decorating their graves. 211 more words


Home is where the heart is (and the food)

Once upon a time, 10:21 on a tuesday evening, I am taking a journey down memory lane. Currently I have come from university, sat in my childhood bed with my delicate childhood teddy bear, reliving my childhood memories at my Nan and Granddads house. 35 more words