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Time: And Its Betrayal

I had been warned, and for the most part prepared for what I would see. They told me she was weak. Able to walk only the 13 feet to the bathroom and back, slowly and clutching the walker, but she’d prefer for someone to push her in the wheel chair. 1,256 more words


Date night but not as we know it.

Date night seems to be an American thing, especially the film with Steve Carell, but what else can you really call it. It is a night when those who struggle to have alone time or time together set some time once or more a week and plan a date. 844 more words

Baby Girl

A Call To Arms...

An infantryman loves dirt. From the dirt that fills sandbags, to the dirt that evacuates some grimy hole in the ground, he loves the muck and the safety offered. 749 more words



Now that the shining ball of Musk-ian energy has faded, it becomes less clear what kind of content this effort ought to be centered around. Stepping out on to the quiet balcony can have a range of effects on the uninitiated. 221 more words



Here are Grandma’s glasses

Here is Grandma’s cap

This is the way she folds her hands

And lays them in her lap

Here are Grandpa’s glasses… 18 more words

Early Childhood

What Love Looked Like

1999, Philippines

A typical Sunday involved bringing food over to our grandparents house. It was always a feast. I remember the laughter, the chatter, the cries of my baby cousins. 267 more words