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The Story of Hanna Rigler

It seems only appropriate, with Passover coming next week, to share the below.

I was in Dallas briefly at the beginning of March to celebrate some fantastic ladies who came to Paris to meet me for my birthday last year , and a friend invited me to go with her to… 1,175 more words


recently back in Georgia

I feel like I’ve done such a poor job of blogging since our return to the Southeast.  Maybe it’s because our lives have been totally insane!   619 more words


Spring Break Turn Up

Rather than my typical spring break spent day drinking on the beach while picking up hot foreign men, I spent the past week at my grandparents’ retirement community. 31 more words


Losing Grandpa: 50 Word Story

His koffieyah doesn’t hang on the hanger outside of the door anymore. It wouldn’t have hung there anyhow – it’s spring!

His polished shoes aren’t on the step. 38 more words


Chapter 11: Good News?

Thursday, June 8th

My eyes fluttered open. Where am I? I though, dazed. I stared up at a beautiful green canopy and four posters. I sat up and threw my feet over the side of my bed. 1,772 more words

Sims 3 Stories

and here we go again

Here we go again.  The month of March, the month of April. Two months that are pure torture for me and my anxiety.  Why? Well, by this time of year school is almost over but it’s not, really. 480 more words


Grandma grammar

I’d mentioned in an earlier post that Grandma was far from a professional writer – I suppose you’ve figured that out by now. But that lack of proper linguistic training and experience didn’t stop her from making a point … even if the point that ended up on paper sometimes seemed straight out of “ 225 more words

Letter Writing